The 'new' LV tv ad, thoughts?

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  1. Ok I don't know how new this ad is but here goes. I first saw this ad running on a treadmill at my gym, at first I was like ehhh they're advertising on TV now? But that opinion was only because I saw the tail end of the commercial. I've seen this ad on CNN and Bloomberg (for you financial types ;)).

    Now after seeing it a few times, I think this ad is AMAZING. Although, I'm a sucker for video that features the emotions of longing, melancholy, togetherness, separation, etc. For this reason 'Lost In Translation' is one of my favorite movies. Some of us can probably understand how it feels to be 7000 miles away from that person you love, and you just want to be there with them but can't. I don't know, maybe I've had too many 7 and 14 hour flights. Maybe it's that feeling that you don't really know if that person you love really understands just how much you love them, and it scares the hell out of you. Maybe it's the feeling of giving ANYTHING, any amount of money or time, so that you can shrink the world and embrace this person you feel a connection with. Anyway.

    The ad:

    The link:
  2. WOW, I loved it! This is the very first tV commericial for LV and its a winner! LV got it right the very first time!!! Love the music too!
  3. yay my video, were you the one that posted a comment on the video, about seeing it at the gym?
  4. It's a good advert but I would have liked to have seen some hard sided luggage or something...
  5. I didn't like it too much even though I do understand why you guys did. For me it was too abstract and it felt like the mastermind/masterminds were sitting and analysing every detail and to make the ad flawless they. The result for me was 100% feeling but 0% caracter. Looks more to me like something Discovery would do. Also reminds me of an old Visa commertial.
  6. Although it was beautifully shot, I did not care for the message of "it is the journey that counts." It is an advertisement for luxury goods and they are trying to minimize the materialism and consumerism of buying a luxury brand. I am not apologetic about buying Louis Vuitton but I am not going to hide behind some fake philosophy. Even if Louis Vuitton has supposedly god like quality, I know I don't really need to buy that $1,000 bag-- I do it because I want to!
Thread Status:
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