The new lv bags by Nicolas Ghesquiere, slideshow from

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  1. So what do you guys think now that we can se them close up?
  2. Not really tempted but surely they gonna release new vernis and empreinte colors on current styles as well ?

  3. I hope so, the there was one bag I liked, but the rest was kinda uninspiring.
  4. I agree. I hope LV doesn't turn into "just another" high-end designer brand with super well-made but boring bags.
  5. hmmmm nothing really touched me.... 😊
  6. I watched the show live as I streamed it online & have just reviewed the pictures. In my opinion everything shown has already been done by other brands and it's boring. If that's the style you would like then you'd go to other brands that are well know for that particular style. I agree with others in saying I hope Louis Vuitton doesn't end up styling boring bags like other huge brands, after all, if I did want a plain, more classic bag then I wouldn't go to Vuitton anyway. I can see the direction the brand is going and I'm afraid i don't like it.
  7. It looks dreadful. The Alma turned into a wannabe Chanel was a travesty. I agree with others hoping LV doesn't turn into another boring handbag brand. Lv has always been known for class and style and timelessness. This look displayed in the show isn't it.
  8. Its not really that great.
  9. A bit meh imho.... not really liking it. Still used to the Marc Jacobs treatment for LV...
  10. Disappointed with the lopsided look of the one-handle Speedy.
  11. Not for me :sad:
  12. I agree also. I didn't see anything I like.
  13. We have a post on the PurseBlog today, you can also feel free to join in that conversation as well! :tup:

    I will just say that this is confusing to me:


    And this is quite nice in my opinion...

  14. Thanks for the link PB insider.

    The first picture of a trunk like bag in black and white patent stripe is a rip off of Chanel for sure. I have this in a wallet:

    LV Bag

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