The new Luxe Bowler + 2.55 for 2008!!

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  1. My SA showed me a catalogue..the Luxe bowler this year will be made of the Chanel modern chain,which I don't like personallly.I prefer the metal chain as it has always been.The color in the catalogue I saw was white..there was another color but I can't quite remember 'cause I was too put off by the new chain.I'm still searching for the old one though..metallic gold luxury bowler...!!
    I also saw tons of colors for the 2.55,metallic purple,navy,silver,gold,etc..there were definitely more than 7 colors.I like the metallic purple or it could very well be metallic navy..:confused1:can't tell though!
    Just wanna share the update that's all!
  2. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see the actual pic of the MP reissue....hehe
  3. Aww, I agree- I love the modern chain ligne, but it should stay where it is because the luxe ligne was perfect just the way it was! Good luck on your search for gold, I'm still searching for bronze or black!
  4. thanks for sharing!:flowers:
  5. No problem..At first I was going to stop the search and just wait for the new luxury ligne but I guess I have to continue searching for the old collection!
    But I read from some posts that the metallic gold peeled off from the bowler :yucky:..was that the problems for all the gold bowler or just some?..I think I might have found one so just wondering.........any ideas?
  6. Another Fer had had some discolouration problems with her black metallic luxury bowler some time ago!:shrugs:
  7. Oh no!Really!?
    Was there some sort of color transfer or something?From rubbing of the arm against the bag??
  8. is one of the colors of the new 2.55 regular black by any chance..?
  9. no as far as I remember her bag hadn't been carried frequently:s
  10. thanks for sharing the info :smile:
  11. Thanks for the info!!!
  12. Yes there was...hold on..not sure if the pic looked metallic..but there was blac of some sort!
  13. Is that the glazed calfskin shiny chain or that plastic resin chain?
  14. thanks for ur info:tup:
  15. well my mum's gold luxe flap had some greenish discolouration around the metal rings where the straps go through. was thinking it's probably oxidation as Singapore's a really humid country