The New Love of My Shoe Life: Python Simples


Oct 26, 2006
OK, so I decided to make a thread because I wanted to share the Python Simples story. I found these from the most lovely tPFer (you know who you are!!! Thank you again SOOO much!), but since I'm working abroad in Africa, I had her send the shoes to my BF back home (who is not all that pleased to act as my errand boy while I'm away).

Anyway, a few months passed, and we set up a trip for him to come and visit me here. We have been together for 4 years now; I came here in June, saw him for 2 weeks in Septemeber, about 4 days in December, and then we've been apart since (I'm done in June). I was so nervous to pick him up from the airport, because he really is my biggest crush (still!), and besides being totally in love with him, I really admire and respect him for the man he is. So I get to the airport last Monday night, and he gets out superfast ... as he's walking toward me, I think: OMG. He got big (basically everything is fat/big if you live in the Horn of Africa--that's a different story). We took a taxi home, and I was so happy to see him, but not in the run into his arms and scream kind of way. The poor man traveled about 27 hours for a "hey--how ya doin'?" reception!

He unpacked, and we had a drink, and he revealed ... THE PYTHON SIMPLES. When he took them out of the dust bag (which he had wrapped in bubble wrap--sweetheart), I SCREAMED. (This came back to haunt me in an argument when he brought up the fact that I was lukewarm about his arrival, but screaming about the shoes--:sad:).

Anyway, yesterday was my first day back at work (he left the night before), and I was pretty sad all day. Usually he hides a note for me after he leaves (I do it, too), so I looked and looked for the note, but couldn't find it! Plus, I had a rough day in the "aren't I better than all this silly crap this office has to make me deal with/I don't deserve this belligerent nonsense" way. So, I worked late anyway, and walked home--I went up to my room to put on my shoes, because let's all face it: Louboutins can brighten any bad day.

I took them out of the dust bag, AND THERE WAS MY NOTE! :heart: He tucked it into one of the shoes, and it was the sweetest love letter he's written so far. I took the pic of the shoes so you could see the note how it was tucked into the left shoe.

So, I wanted to share my romantic CL story, the python simples and our pic.

Sorry this is long, but I miss him so much! Thanks so much for letting me share!




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Sep 16, 2007
Scottsdale AZ
This story is so sweet! I'm sorry that you are/were sad about your love leaving, but you are right, CLs (and especially beautiful python simples:drool:) can brighten any day... I'm glad you found your note in the end!

ps June is only 2 months away!!!:P


Oct 26, 2006
You guys are so sweet! Thanks so much; he's so wonderful and we had such good times that when I start to get sad, I only have to think about eating egg sandwiches or him teasing me about the shoes and I'm smiling again!



Oct 13, 2007
That's such a wonderful story!!! The shoes are great but your BF is THE ICING on the cake!!! Stay strong - only 2 months to go......


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Dec 6, 2006
Awesome Jen! They are fabulous. And your love story made me go 'awwwww' out loud. The picture of you two is sooooo sweet, and I'm so glad you finally got your hands on the pythons! (Do they fit good?) Wear them well and hang in there...June is not so far away. :heart:


Oct 26, 2006
They fit like perfection! You were totally right on the sizing. I'm going to play with outfits this weekend (my wardrobe here is super limited--I only brought what I could throw out or give away when I leave).

June will come fast, and I can't WAIT--I have three new pairs waiting (Bourge, nude NPs, black patent VPs pre-ordered)!!!!!


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Nov 3, 2006
what a wonderful story!!! first of all- i can't believe you're in africa! wow! i think it was so sweet of your bf to leave the note in your shoes! and god those are gorgeous! love love love python simples! as everyone said it's almost over and now you have stunning shoes and an incredible love letter to get you through!
Nov 11, 2006
Washington, D.C.
You've got beautiful shoes and even better, a great man! I'm sorry the lukewarm reception happens but it happens to the best of us (assuming you and I are the best, lol), right? I was living down in DC for work for 4 months once when we were first married and we would visit each other on weekends, and all week I would be so excited for the weekend to come so I could see him, and then Friday would come and I would be so exhausted that all I wanted to do on friday night was go to bed.

I'm sure he understands!


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Nov 28, 2007
awwwwwww i love that he left you a note! i'm sure he wasn't really intending to argue with you, just depressed that he had to leave you behind and not take you with him!!!


Apr 13, 2007
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legal - how wonderful of a story. That is truly beautiful. What a love story. Of course I love the pythons. One of my favorite shoes. The last two months will pass too. You will be back together before you know it.