The new Look Book...

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  1. This has been mentioned in quite some threads, but I can't seem to find the info put together..

    Does the new lookbook contain the items for next season, or just the new ones for summer? and if so can we start to waitlist for the runway items from F/W 2007? :confused1:
  2. From what I saw in the new look book, it contained things that were going to be released this summer and fall.
  3. So that means we should know by now which RTW bags that are to be released for "sure"?
  4. It's always subject to change it will give you a fair idea of what is being made but some thing could still get cancelled , there is info about them in both the summary threads you can find the links in my sig
  5. That thread was such a mess. >_< But at least the info so far is there. THanks. ^_^

    and oh ,one more question, About the Hobo bags and the smaller ones from the men's collection, anyone seen anything about them in the Lookbook?
  6. What my SA told me the new 'look book' is actually not out yet....what you are seeing is suppose to be associates info only, so def. very tentative info.
  7. I know but the info is so sketchy at the minute because it so far in advance, once I've seen the book myself (still don't have it in the UK) I'll be able to sort it out a little clearer keep checking because I'll re-summarise the summary (LOL) when I have more info