The new LG Steam Laundry washer dryer set?

  1. Does anyone own the LG Steam Laundry set? How does it work? Does it really save that much on water bills and dry cleaning? We're trying to figure out on whether paying $4500 is worth it...
  2. I have the front loading LG washer and dryer set. I got them about two years ago. This may not be of any help to you, but I do like them. They both work very well.

    My one complaint, though, is with the washer. It has this terrible mildew smell in it. The clothes smell fine and they're clean, but still, after I take a load of wet clothes out, I always get a whiff of mildew. I tried having it serviced, but there wasn't anything they could do.
  3. From what I know, it has a steam feature. It doesn't steam clean your clothes. The steam is to get out wrinkles. It is more to refresh clothes than say a whole new load of laundry.Plus your clothes are dryer when you take them out of the washing machine so they spend less time in the dryer. It also has a sanitizing function.
  4. i sell appliances full-time for a living, and the LG steam set are my FAVORITES. they are super-reliable, the largest front load capacity on the market, and not only do they have a "steam fresh" cycle for wrinkles and odors, but about half of the cycles of the washer have an optional steam element to them. since steam particles are much smaller than regular water particles, the steam penetrates fabric better to get out stains and things like that - it's a much more effective cleaning mechanism. like hubbawubba said, it also has an internal heater, which when set on the 'sanitary' cycle, will heat the water up to about 167 degrees, which is the temperature necessary to kill pathogens and bacteria on clothing.

    the most high-end LG steam set (the ones with the LCD display) spin out, at the highest, at about 1320 rpms, meaning that the load of laundry you put in your dryer is much dryer, which reduces drying time dramatically and also lessens the wear-and-tear on your clothes. additionally, the washer uses between 10-15 gallons of water, depending on the cycle, whereas a regular top-load washer will use 40-50. 90% of the energy used by a dryer is to heat the water, so ultimately, you'll save a TON on your water an energy results as a result of the machines. as a result, you'll need to use high-efficiency detergent, or you'll mold out your washer. HE detergent lacks the phosphates that make regular detergent bubble, which also makes them better for your skin.

    LGs are also magnetic drive motors, which reduces vibration at high spin speeds over a belted system and makes them less prone to needing repairs.

    as far as a mildew smell goes, this happens to most front load washers for two reasons: the consumer is not using HE detergent (it's a MUST) or if they are, they're not letting their washer vent properly. top-load washers don't seal to be water tight on top, so they can dry out effectively. because front load doors MUST be water tight, if you close the door until it clicks after every time you do laundry, it won't dry out properly and can cause mold. to rid your washers of the smell, run a regular cycle with ONLY bleach instead of soap, and then wipe out the gasket with a bleach wipe - to get it to not come back, let your washer stand with the door open for a few hours once a week or so.

    in America, the most high-end set with pedestals will cost you around $3300 after 7% sales tax (i sold the pair to a woman yesterday, so i remember). i don't know what the exchange rate to the canadian dollar is like, though.

    if you or anyone else has any questions about the machines (or any appliances, really) feel free to ask here or PM me.

    in my opinion and from the reviews i've heard from customers, they're worth every penny if you can afford them.
  5. I am assuming you ment the ventless steam wash/dryer combo? Sorry if I am wrong. I read a review on consumers reports and they are really best for people who do not have a way to vent a typical dryer, living in an apartment or condo. The people generally gave the LG combo high marks but did say don't expect your wash to be dry like it came from a typical dryer. Also it takes a LONG time to run a complete cycle that does dry the clothes somewhat. I do have the LG front loads and I am very happy with the company. Like the above posters said, you have to follow the directions (HE detergent) to avoid the mildew problems with the reg front loaders, but my mom and I always left our top load machine with the door open now and again to prevent mildew, so I don't think mildewy smell is only a front load problem (they are all wet after all).
  7. I learned more about these on here than I learned from the sale rep at RC Wiley. Too bad you can't buy from Amanda.
  8. this is a different machine - we carried it in my store for a while, but now it's a special order piece. it's really for a niche market of people that don't have a 220 outlet or a vent for a dryer, and others shouldn't consider it. the machines we are talking about is a regular washer and dryer where the washer has a steam cycle and also a steam element to some of the other wash cycles.
  9. ^^oh!
  10. HE detergent just stands for high efficiency - it lacks phosphates to make the soap bubble, which are necessary to wash in a top load washer (top-loaders use a lot more water, about 40-50 gallons per cycle). HE detergents are made by EVERY major brand except dreft (which doesn't have phosphates, dyes, or fragrance anyway, so technically it is HE), i'd recommend just buying the HE version of whatever you use now. it will have a standard 'HE' symbol on it, like the ones pictured below:

    HE detergent is also great because it costs the same as regular detergent, but you only use a couple of tablespoons instead of a full cup, meaning you go through it a lot less quickly. leelee, i'm sorry whomever you bought from didn't tell you about the different detergent, it's a really important thing to know to get the most out of your investment! and i can't believe the service tech you had out couldn't tell you all of this...

    switching to the new detergent should also up the overall performance of your machine. LG washers, and most front loaders in general, have sensors on the interior to sense sudsing levels, start or stop adding water accordingly, and make sure that the soap residue is thoroughly rinsed from your clothing. if you use the regular detergent, the phosphates can clog the soap sensors, causing them to malfunction and not rinse properly. running a bleach cycle should more or less fix it, and your machine should be a lot more effective afterwards.

    if your LGs are two years old, you bought at a really good time - the LGs from that model year are wonderful machines that we still rarely see service calls on.

    if there's any more questions, feel free to ask! i've worked in appliances way too long...
  11. ^^ I'm also surprised! When my parents bought their set when we moved in, they were sure to tell them about that HE soap. I personally like the Tide one, for some reason the Arm and Hammer one is too sweet smelling for me.
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    Thanks amanda! You wouldn't believe how much those pictures help. I use Tide Powder presetntly, but now I know to look for a liquid with "he" on the container. I'm going to use your technique of running a cycle with just bleach to get the smell out of the washer.

    If you don't mind, I'd like to ask you another question....After I run the bleach cycle you suggested I wipe out the gasket with a bleach wipe. Is the gasket the tub (for lack of a better word) where I put my clothes? And is a bleach wipe a clean damp cloth?

    You'd never believe I've been doing laundry for 35 years would you? LOL!

    I do whole-heartedly agree with you that these are great appliances. I especially like the "sanitary" cycle and the "extra rinse" feature b/c I am a clean freak!
  13. the gasket is the rubber part that rims the opening that creates a water-tight seal with the door when it's closed, it should have a lip to it, and mold likes to grow underneath that lip. the bleach wipes i'm referring to are actual Clorox wet wipes - they sell them in bottles that look like 'Wet Ones' bottles - they pull out through the top, but they have a bleach solution on them instead of a slightly soapy solution. wipe the gasket thoroughly, especially in the fold, with that after the bleach cycle. mold likes to grow in warm, dark spots, and the fold in the rubber gasket is the hardest place in the washer to get dry.

    you may have to repeat the process once since you've been using the wrong detergent for a while, but it will work in the end. to maintain it, just leave the door open for a little while once a week to allow the interior to vent.
  14. Goodness, Amanada, I'm glad you're able to help me. I actually have those Clorox Wet Wipes. Silly me for not thinking of that! Anyway, thanks again. I'll get right on this cleaning project. I really appreciate your help! I've been driving my husband crazy complaining about my washer.

    We bought it at Best Buy, but they weren't able to offer a solution to the odor problem. Sooooo glad this whole subject came up!
  15. well that's really odd, because i work at Best Buy, and in my store, this little fix is common knowledge! probably because i'm in charge of training the newbies...

    i'm really glad i could help, though, and in the defense of the people who sold you your set, front loaders were a lot newer 2 years ago and they may have still been getting used to them and how to troubleshoot common problems...HE detergent is always in my mental checklist of things to tell customers about! i've never heard of anyone that this process couldn't help, even if they had to do it a couple of times. good luck!