The New Lexa

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  1. I have the small Lexa in potty grey. love this bag.
  2. I have two, I think stripe is lamb, the rest is calf with some special finish
  3. On my motty grey, the back and the small strap are non suede (don't know technical term) and the rest is suede. It's a stunning bag.
  4. It's like this in the last version of suede Lexa, after that it's discontinued.
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  5. Does anybody have the large Lexa and share their opinion about the sizing?

    The medium Lexa looks quite large but I love huge bags. I only found pics of the medium or small version...
  6. There are only two sizes - Small and Large (some call it Medium).
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  7. I just noticed the same after comparing the measurement given on the sellers website. I was confused because they offer two - one callex medium and the other large. But the size chart shows no difference.

    Thanks a lot for clarifying.
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  8. I've always admired Chloe handbags from afar but never found one that was perfect for me til I came across this Lexa at Marshalls @ tail end of the Feb. Red Carpet Event . I love the bag, the leather feels soft and supple and the hardware looks good but the bag didn't come with authenticity cards or dust-bag. As I'm not familiar with the brand and couldn't find any info online, can any owners of the medium black Lexa please PM me to share the serial # code of their bag? Will also post in the Authentication forum later. Here's a pic I took @ the store a couple of weeks back. IMG_8622.JPG
  9. does anyone know if the small suede is still for sale anywhere?
  10. I recently scored this one through NM on clearance. It has suede on the front and leather on the back (thankfully):
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  11. I have this in Motty grey. Just love it. Try preloved. I think the bag would be very hard to find.
  12. Just scored this nut small Lexa on clearance from you never know what may pop up from time to time
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