The New Lexa

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  1. I ordered the small Lexa in Black from Saks on sale, hasn't shipped yet but can't wait to get it.
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  2. what color? I like the motty grey!
  3. Black, but the Motty grey is gorgeous also.
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  4. I'm so happy! After 3 looong months I finally got my repaired Lexa back from Chloe! As soon as I laid my eyes on her I knew she was mine (I think when you look at something often enough you just know). I immediately put her straps back on and switched bags. I can't wait to take her everywhere with me again! For those who don't know she had an issue with the piping around the top peeling and cracking.
  5. It's like having a new bag all over again, isn't it? So happy for you .
  6. I’m curious to know how everyone’s Lexas are holding up.

    Do you use it lots?
    What do you love about it?
    Any new mod/action pics?
  7. Where did u buy the small lexa in caramel?
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  8. Nicky Hilton carrying her Chloe Lexa bag recently. She looks really cool.

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  9. Photos of style icons carrying the Chloe Lexa bag. Photo credit Chloe Offical Instagram.

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  10. More photos of the Chloe Lexa bag worn by style icons. Photo credit Chloe Instagram page.

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  11. Chloe bags just have such a way of being so bohemian and carefree, yet still so chic!
  12. It’s such a beautiful style, I can’t believe it’s been discontinued already. I feel like this could’ve been a classic.
  13. IMG_1514861719.978499.jpg



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  14. It’s just starting to arrive in my country. It’s so effortlessly cool and looks very practical. I just love it on Nicky Hilton.
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