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  1. #241 Aug 1, 2017
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2017
    Thanks for the answers . Maybe I'll try the meltonian. I do seal the collonil with carbon pro and can't work out what it might be rubbing against - particularly as it's more the front than the back . You can see it on this photo actually .

    Beautiful bag however ! I got it very cheaply (£300) as the previous owner painted a design on the front strap. I know you must all be horrified , but I love it - it's actually very subtle irl, and I would never want to sell it . I could never have afforded one otherwise . I've had quite a few compliments when wearing it already . It's quickly become my favourite bag and stops me carrying a load of old tut around every day!

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  2. I saw that one on eBAY :smile: it is lovely! I thought about picking it up but I really want the bigger version for myself. I'm happy for you!
  3. Thank you Luciezilla.

    You're right - it isn't the biggest bag so I have to be careful , but I have a lot of biggish bags and they get so heavy with all my tut! It's nice to have s smaller one.
    I'm trying to find a purse to go with her now !
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  4. I really like the painting previous owner did. Very pretty! I have a large black leather Lexa that I wear often and I have not had that issue with the leather on the front pockets. I'm sorry to see :sad: I am actually in the process of sending my bag to Chloe to be fixed for some peeling/ cracking piping and a defective screw (screw didn't get all the metal coloring somehow). Best of luck and I hope you enjoy your Lexa!
  5. Thank you YelplowBuggie- I'm really enjoying this bag and have just resigned myself to touching the leather up regularly . I'm not keeping it for 'best'- I don't do that with any of my bags . I would love a large in a different colour but can't see me ever finding a similar bargain anywhere !
    The artist on the bag is very talented- she has a page on Facebook with her designs .
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  6. Love the blue suede one!
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  7. Have any of you ever had Chloe fix one of your bags while it was still under warranty? Chloe just confirmed they will fix my bag and I will be sending it out later this week. I'm excited to get the piping, stitching and screw repaired, but I'm so nervous to send her away. My Lexa is 'you precious'. :smile:

    Hope you all are having a wonderful week!!
  8. Hi, my Lexa is 10 months old and I have barely used it as the colour was rubbing off and I wanted to avoid it happening more. I just took it out to use it and the buckle fell off. Has anyone else had this happen? I am devastated!
  9. I have constant wear on the corners of mine as well - I have to use collonil shoe cream on it every few wears
    That's awful about the buckle - as the bag was only released last year, they know it's new and surely will repair for free ? That's made me fear for mine now as well

  10. By the way, Claire at 'the handbag restoration company' is amazing - you can contact her through Facebook . Failing Chloe, she may be able to help you .
  11. Thanks! I'm in Australia and purchased it from a major department store so I am hoping for a positive resolution! I got it out and the buckle fell off onto the ground. So disappointed!
  12. It's 30% off now FYI. Wondering if I should buy or wait to see if it drops further.
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  13. Where is it on sale??
  14. Chloe, Neiman, Nordstrom. Chloe is the only site that has the exact bag I want. free expedited shipping. I saw a woman wearing the small Lexa and fell in love. never tried it on. is it heavy?
  15. Not heavy, quite light actually.
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