The New Lexa

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  1. I am torn on the color and size I want to order. I really like the mustard and am wi seeing if someone that has it can give input on the color. Is it really yellow??? Some pics make it look too yellow.
  2. Hey Marqduck! I know I'm responding pretty late to this post but I just got my Chloe Lexa medium bag in the mustard brown colour and I had to come and tell you that no, the mustard brown is definitely not too yellow! I really don't like the colour yellow/wearing the colour yellow so I was very worried that the bag would be too yellow, but the slight yellow hue just makes the brown leather look richer and more luxurious. It's the perfect shade of brown for me!

    If you're looking at the caramel coloured small Lexa bag, I would advise against it because while the colour is gorgeous, the small size is really very small - I'm finding the medium size perfect. Also, the care card said that this bag gets a patina over time, which will also darken the colour. Hope I helped!
  3. I just got mine today (on SALE)!! I love it.
  4. Hooray!! What was the sale price??
  5. $1375!! The Nordstrom Semi Sale!

  6. Wow! I don't see that bag at that sale price in their online must have gotten quite the deal. Maybe the stars were completely aligned for you..yay!
  7. Got second one,I was on a hunt for almost half a year for Small in Motty Grey in leather
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  9. This week I bought a small lexa in caramel ( preloved .) Definitely authentic etc .

    Already I'm finding colour loss on the seams and where the leather is 'pinched together ) at the corners ( funnily enough , the front of the bag shows more so than the back .)

    It's easily solved with collonil shoe cream , but is it just the nature of the leather that causes this - or is it just mine ?
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  10. I'm sorry to hear that. Was leather rubbing in something textured like jeans hardware? I wore green Lexa during my trip at -20 in Winter, brought it to another trip to a very humid environment, it was squished carry-on, went through many security checks and all and it's holding very well, I'd say like new. I treated it with conditioner before and after.
    Grey Lexa looks like it's more sensitive and leather is a bit thinner, so I'll baby it.
  11. Hi youngprof! I just bought this one! Apparently the last came in with some damage, but I think I will try and work on it with some leather cleaner since it's the only one available. How are you liking yours? I LOVE the retro look of it.
  12. Hi Gems Berry! Do you mind sharing what leather gel you use? thank you!!
  13. I use Meltonian. I used to like Collonil but they changed formula and added something that leaves shiny silvery residue, not good for most of leathers.
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  14. Thank you!!!
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