The New Lexa

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  1. Yes, the small Lexa comes in black. I think Farfetch might still have one for sale.
  2. Can any Lexa owners comment on the quality/durability of the leather versions (i.e., not suede). I know it's a new model so it's obviously impossible to say how it will hold up in 3-5 years. I'm considering getting one as my work bag but it would need to be capable of withstanding a lot.
  3. Bex08 - how is your new lexa? Any issues with daily use and color transfer from dark jeans, etc?
    I still can't decide on the color of suede! I've looked at navy suede, and the studded red, and of course motty grey.
    They are all beautiful, but leaning toward a darker color just because of care/upkeep. Thanks~!
  4. Thanks!
  5. Hi, it's not super delicate but leather finish is such that it shows marks and scratches. They can be easily removed by leather gel, no traces left. It depends how you commute, if you just carry the bag, put it in the car and on a deck it's fine. But if the bag will be carried in crowded subway you better get a bulletproof Marcie, leather won't show any marks at all.
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  6. I use my Lexa almost daily since I got it (just won't use it if its raining/snowing/wet out) and its holding up pretty well. I did spray it with a suede/nubuck protector too. The front/sides/bottom are still perfect, no colour transfer. The only areas where there is slight color transfer is at the bottom corners of the bag on the back (where the fabric meets and kind of 'puckers' out). This may be my own fault as I never owned a suede bag before and didn't think about color transfer in the beginning.

    If you're worried, I'd suggest a darker suede like the navy color, as I can't imagine you'd notice color transfer as much on a darker suede (though I don't own one to be sure!)
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  7. I love this green!! Great with the shoes.
  8. Hello. I've been using mine every day for a month and it's holding up great! I've dropped it down a metal closet door and it's taken a spill into the dirt. The leather is really thick and hasn't managed to gain a scratch even with all the abuse I've put it through.

    I truly could not be happier with the leather quality and craftsmanship of my Lexa. In addition to being a beautiful bag, it's also super functional and can hold a TON! :smile:

    Anyway, I hope that helps and definitely share pictures with us if you decide to get one!!
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  9. If you're considering blue suede check out the blue studded...they are so beautiful!
  10. Thank you
  11. I've had the Caramel leather small bag for over 3 months, been using it fairly regularly and even on the airplane with no issues at all. It's a pretty thick leather which is also how it keeps its shape, I like that I don't worry when taking it out and about. I don't know whether it would mark with some heavy use/scratching but the leather and the style is such that I feel the bag may look even more cool being a little "beat-up" ;)
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  12. THANK U!

  13. I have ordered twice from them, the first bag I returned as it wasn't a colour I usually buy, but at 50% off I thought I'd try it. It was a Bal pompon in rouge cerise, I returned it for one in black. The process including the return was very smooth and no issues

    Both bags were well packaged, the return was free and I had 30 days to do it. You won't get a response to emails over the weekend, I called them once to ask a question as I'd managed to lock my account and they had some IT issues with password resets. There is an option to speak to someone in English - very polite and knowledgable

    It was the first time I had ordered outside the UK, I've also just used Stefanie based in Italy and again no problem, but that was just a purchase, again no email responses at weekends
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