The New Lexa

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  1. I don't believe there's a thread on what I think is one of Chloe's newest releases - the Lexa! What are everyone's thoughts and opinions? :smile:


    I think it looks like a gorgeous casual bag, and I'm currently obsessed. Anyone think it's not for them, though? :smile:

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  2. I can't wait to see it IRL! I sold my Marcie years ago because while I loved the bag, certain aspects of it didn't work for me (like the double handle, one of which would always slip off my shoulder). But I loved the fact that there was both a shoulder and a cross-body option, instead of just handheld plus crossbody, or handheld plus shoulder. The Lexa looks edgier and more streamlined to me too. And the inspiration for the bag is pretty cool as well:
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  3. If I had an extra $2-3,000 laying around this would be the bag I would it!! Especially in the suede.:heart::heart:
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  4. :drool: :drool: :drool:

    Oh, this is one pretty bag, I can't wait to have a closer look at it.
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  5. it's on my wishlist. I'm not sure that suede would hold up well for a casual bag. I want small in calf/lamb leather.
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  6. Ooooh. That light suede is so beautiful.
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  7. I like this bag a lot. [emoji4]
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  8. Sooooo obsessed. I saw so many of them at neimans earlier this year but looks like they sold out already!!!! Anyone know the weights of these beauties? I love Chloe's but the tend to be heavy IMO
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  9. i love it. looks really comfy to wear crossbody, and like a bag that could be used for many years without looking dated.
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  10. Lovely bag, wonder whether it's heavy like the Marcie.
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  11. I just ordered mine, hope it arrives sooner than projected ship date!
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  12. Soooo lucky! Please do post pics when you get it, or let us know if you post pics elsewhere! It's sold out in all the department stores…looks like they got it right with this design (;

    I'm curious to see how it will look on the crook of the arm, as it looks like the handles are shoulder and crossbody. I like having the option to carry it on the arm - when you get yours, could you please take a pic and let us know how it looks like that? Many thanks!!
  13. You bet! Chloe is killing it and my wallet these past few seasons. Love love love the shoes and handbags!
  14. wow, which one?
  15. Yay! I hope you will post some pics.