the new kind of classic flap

  1. Hello everyone :smile:
    Does anyone know the model number and measurements of these bags?

    Thank you very much for your help :flowers:
  2. i'm not sure, but they are really cute ~ i hope they have them in caviar =D
  3. This bag comes in 3 sizes. Saks ordered the medium and large and NM ordered the small and medium. They are made of new washed lambskin, more durable than and not as shiny as the traditional lambskin.
    This bag is similar to the accordion bag. When you open the flap, the bag has several compartments and opens up like an accordion. I don’t have the exact dimensions and the lookbook did not specify but I saw them at the trunk show. In comparison, the medium is about the width and height of the classic jumbo flap but it’s much thicker because of the accordion style. The small is about the size of a small classic flap. Saks ordered the medium in yellow, white and black. NM ordered the medium in navy blue, pink and black and the small in pink, white and black. The price of the small is $2350, medium is $2750. I forgot who posted the Saks trunk show pictures but if you want to check out the yellow ones, it’s beautiful.

    One thing I have to warn you though, this bag has two chains wrap around in the bottom and IMO, make it less classic. I wish it does not have the chains. You can't see it in the picture but the chains are there. Hope this help.
  4. thank you sweet_pees and bagchic1 for your replies... :flowers:

    bagchic1, thank you for the is really helpful :flowers:
  5. Thanks for the info- I'm torn about these bags, kinda boring.
  6. those bags are really cute!
    thank you for the info
  7. Not for me.
  8. So cute.

    i think it's A37551 Y04839
  9. Just to clarify, these are not a new type of classic flap. The timeless classic will always be around.

    This style, like so many, are just variations of a flap style bag. Chanel does so many new/different flap bags every season, but they are never the "new classic flap".
  10. :tup:I agree. The name showed in lookbook is timeless cc.
  11. These are really cute, the white medium size (?) in the pic is really cute, but I would still rather have a white caviar E/W.
  12. They're very pretty! Funny that they are new tho, because they look very vintage-ish to me.
  13. i saw these at a trunk show and fell in love - i am on the waitlist for the medium in yellow - i love the style, the size, the compartments, just everything (the yellow is a great shade, not too 'mellow', not too bright). even tho there are chains on the bottom, i think it will help to protect the bag. i heard you can adjust the strap so that it doesn't sit there, but i actually think i'd prefer it....
  14. loveisallaround - I agree with you. The leather and color are beautiful but I still can't get over the chains at the bottom. The chains were sewed into the bottom of the bag so you can not adjust it. I'd tried and failed. I'm also on the waitlist in case I change my mind later on.