the new Kermit Oliver scarf

  1. I am so looking forward to this scarf! I wasn't a fan of KO's scarves until I saw one up close and was shocked at the detail. They are truly like paintings.
  2. Great news! Thanks, Provcoll!
  3. Very cool!
  4. I'm looking forward to seeing his commemerative scarf.
  5. am I crazy...where do I see the pics?
  6. Looking forward to it!!
  7. I must be crazy too.Will they be copied after one of the pictures?^
  8. OH...MY....GOODNESS! I have three KO designs and I ADORE them! Thank you provkollfor posting this link. I cannot wait!
  9. Oh, I'm really looking forward to seeing this one. The only Kermit Oliver scarf I have is Le Canada, and the design/detail are stunning.

  10. I love these scarfs. Thanks for the info...