the *new* Kate Winslet...

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  1. #1 Jan 11, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2009
    have always loved her - but I came across these pics AND this spread from VF and I can't believe how different she looks almost didn't recognize her! Very toned, thinner...she said it's from not dieting and only doing a 20-minute pilates tape 3x/week. Hmmm, looks like I'm looking into Pilates for my new year's resolution LOL. I still adore her as a brunette though...

  2. normal_revolutionary-road-premiere_020.jpg
  3. She sort of looks like a cross between Sharon Stone and Kathleen Turner in that VF cover shot!

    I agree, I think she looks better as a brunette.. or at least not a platinum blonde.
  4. This woman is stunning no matter what the hair color or the kind of shape her body happens to be in at the time. I love me some Kate!
  5. I've always loved her..since Titanic! She's really beautiful. I feel bad for her and all of the media stories they had in the past regarding her weight. Her body looks amazing now, but never did I think she looked "fat" at any point. She's a great actress too! :smile:
  6. She looks great.
  7. Love her!
  8. Yep, amazing what those 20 min pilates videos can do for a gal lol ;)

    I think she looks stunning, whatever she is doing, its working! :biggrin:
  9. Let me just start out by saying: I think doing Pilates is a great idea and you should totally do it.

    I want to add that I know everyone knows this but... actors lie all the time about what their fitness regimen is. There's no "truth in celebrity journalism" law. KW may indeed be only doing this much, but I seriously doubt it. Take anything said in an interview with a giant glass of the Dead Sea.

  10. Well said Vendrazi! I like that "glass of Dead Sea" quote! lol!
  11. She does look great!! Is she in a new movie with Leo? when does it come out?

    They make a great couple :graucho:

  12. They co-starred together in the new film Revolutionary Road. :smile:
  13. She's absolutely GORGEOUS!
  14. I have always liked her and she simply looks amazing in the photos in VF. Go Kate!
  15. I have to say i'm not a big fan of this "new" Kate Winslet...I think she is too blonde and she is trying too hard to seem sexy...She seems too much artificial in my opinion, tough that VF photoshop is gorgeous!