The new it purse? A CHLOE?

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  1. The Paraty bag in black Python, yum!:idea:


  2. I want the Paraty! Although maybe in a red or that dusky pink colour...:drool:

    Knowing my luck by the time I get to the London boutique they will all be sold out, but a girl can dream :P

    I love how celebs provide us with lots of modeling pics - although does it mean I love the way the bag looks, or I'm just easily brainwashed by the media with pictures of celebrities? :roflmfao: Who cares, I want a paraty!!!:shame:
  3. Don't shoot me but it reminds my of a D&B I owned about 20 years ago; triangular in shape, smallish in size and deep on the bottom BUT stinkin cute to look at. Unfortunately if memory serves me correctly, it's wasn't the most "user friendly" bag out there KWIM? This style is now all blinged up in Python and brass (making this Paraty even more stinkin cute). Fortunately I can pass. If I'm going to wear a bag "messenger style" it has to be more flat? otherwise I feel....well....pregnant???

  4. ooh I never thought of how much it would stick out, or how user friendly it would be :sad: It's just so pretty! :nuts:

    Thanks for your advice, I think I will definitely have to try it on before I buy one :yes:
  5. I'm not keen on the python myself but the style of the bag is gorgeous. does it come in any other leathers?
  6. I LOVE this bag!! Does anyone know how much the python is going to cost?
  7. Hot bag! I love it!
  8. Well this bag has definitley been getting a LOT of attention and my gut feeling is that it will be one of the hot ones this coming season!

    For me personally I like in the pics, but I'd have to try ot on. it looks like it could overwhelm me size wise, and I agree with messengers tend to be more flat or squishy!

    For me this bag is competing with the Balenciaga POM POM bag....lets see who will win!
  9. i quite like that!
    most bags grow on me over time!
  10. I want this bag. Maybe not in python but regular leather. I dont think I would wear it messanger style. It looks nicer the way Katie Holmes wear it on the shoulder.
  11. I don't like this black paraty,i prefer the color that Kate Bosworth used...i don't think if this one will be a It, but i love it!
  12. That bag is stunning!!! :love:
  13. Don't get me wrong??? I would toss that python out of bed!:graucho:
  14. Wow, I love this purse!!