The new "it" bag for 2007???

  1. Would love to hear members views on the new "it" bag for 2007:confused1:
  2. No replies :sad:
  3. im loving the new Chloe Bay bag, and its on my wish list for this spring. Its here being modelled by the lovely Kylie, which will no doubt help sales no end ;)
  4. Don't know if I'm imagining it, but I think there was a thread about this a few days ago that got replies - maybe worth a search or amalgamation?
  5. Thanks will have a look but new here so would't have a clue how to amalgamate
  6. Gorgeous bag I have the non quilted versions in camel & brown!
  7. Gorgeous bag, I have the non quilted versions in camel & moka!
  8. woops don't know how that post appeared twice sorry
  9. he he, I know, I saw them earlier :yes:

    Whats your first impressions Roz of the bag, and have you had any indication on when the Quilted (shown above) is going to be available?

  10. Yes i like the bag nice skin with a shine. Roomy interior with large pocket as well as the exterior ones. Love bags with pockets so I can organise myself. Have order the quilted one but no news yet will keep you posted. Not sure if it would have taken off if the celebs hadn't been seen with it. I mean the Tracey is a gorgeous bag but never really made it into the it list.
  11. The bay bag will be big, but I don't know if there will be one it-bag this season.
  12. I agree with you I don't think it will be "the" bag this season. It certainly will not be another Paddington unless I am very much mistaken
  13. Your blog is great, some cool stuff & you look so cute in your hats. I am not a hat person personally, never wear them.
    Happy birthday for the 14th oh to be 21 again:drool:
  14. Personally I think we will never see a IT bag again to the same extent. There are so many good designers now and so many great bags coming from all different sources that the days of the paddy must have are over. Incidentally I am not liking that Bay at all!
  15. I agree the Paddington was a real phenomenon all of it's own and it will be a long time before there is a hype again like it, sadly for us resellers :sad: but I think you are also right that about the choice now being spread among all the great designers. I think people will now choose their own style & not be so pack led! That is until kate Moss or the likes are seen with something LOL
    One thing for sure the bag craze is here to stay!