the NEW iMac!!

  1. I'm sure most of you have seen it on the or at their stores. I was wondering if any of you own it yet and if so, do you love or hate it??

    I have the iMac G5, before htey came with the cameras built into it... and I am so wanting the new one but is it worth it? The one I have is quite slow actually.. I just have so much junk in there and the new iMacs come have an option of a terabyte upgrade!!!


    WORTH THE $$ or NO!?
  2. The new imac is worth every penny. If you don't believe me pick up the latest issue of MacWorld. The cover has the new imac, and a very detailed article on it.

    I am saving for Christmas for one.

    For the camera- if that is the selling point for you , do you have isight? I am using that on my older ibook G4, and it works well
  3. I looked at these today and I love them:yahoo:Hopefully when Leopard is finally released, there will be a new macbook;)
  4. I bought dh the 24 inch 2.4 ghz imac for his bday (with added ram). I love it. No problems yet.