The New Huge Gold Hardware Yuk!!

  1. Has Anyone Seen The New Huge Gold Hardware ? I Went To Niemans And Saw It Yesterday And I Have Got To Tell You It Is not my cup of tea.. Does Anyone Else Agree?
  2. I think that it might be nicer to the people on this board who have purchased and who love their GH bags to just say that it's not your cup of tea;)
  3. Sorry.. Just Looking For Someone Who Agrees.. Not Disagrees.. Taste Makes The World Go Round.. Not Everyone Can Love The Same Thing.. Thanks Goodness!! ( Hope I Didnt Hurt Anyones Feelings Expressing My Own Opinion )
  4. i havent' see it IRL yet.
    but i've seen the photos in white brief that i really like :p
  5. Um, I just received my black city w/gh a few days ago and :love: it! Everybody has their opinion, though. :supacool:
  6. ^^^^ Yep!

    Cause I saw it, loved it, bought it and OWN it! :yes: :yahoo:

  7. WOW, that black city with gh is STUNNING!!! congratulations...i love it!!
  8. I Guess I Am Just Old Fashioned, Or Maybe Just Old.. But I Like Something A Little More Subtle..
  9. I'm in the crowd that likes it... :drool:
  10. I like it in certain styles and in certain colors, but strangely enough they all look strange on me, guess I'll just stick to the regular hardware, it's kinder on my wallet too!! =)
  11. ^^ ditto, no rudeness please :girlsigh:
  12. I'm not a fan of the larger hardware either . . . at first site. Maybe it will grow on me :yes:
  13. I went to check them out yesterday and I happen to like the Black Brief with the Giant Hardware... looked very cool!
  14. love it with the black Day! and that cobalt small accessory on the Bal site.......:yes:
  15. I used to think the same thing but that was before I saw the black day with GH, I think it depends of the style and the color of your bag.