The New Holiday Patchwork

  1. Here is it! Just came across it and I remember that a lot of people wanted to see it. I dont think anyone has posted it yet. I usually dont love pathwork but this one is so pretty and i love the new coach logo on the front!
  2. I think the logo on it is very eye-catching in contrast to what happening in the background! I think I have seen it before, though...
  3. Don't like it. I'm not a fan of patchwork.
  4. I am not a fan of patchwork, but the colors on that one seem a little more subdued than some. At least they stuck to a couple of main colors (brown and blue) instead of throwing the entire bag of Skittles at it this time:p.
  5. I'm not a fan of any the patchworks that are out there. That's a no go for me.
  6. sorry I don't like it.. ;(
  7. I really like this tote version with the pocket in front. Also, the blue colored patches are gorgeous!

    Anyone know the price?
  8. There was a swingpack one at the Clinton, CT outlet yesterday. It was sent by mistake. It's cute, but too small for me. I'd buy a bigger bag if it was the right price.
  9. I don't like this patchwork. I prefer the more recent one. The blue patch seems out of place amidst the predominant brown ones and tends to stick out. The logo, too, looks out of place. JMHO:smile:
  10. I actually really like this patchwork. It just seems like I'd get sick of it easily.
  11. Cute, I like it actually.
    Darn, I'm falling for patchwork and I'm falling HARD.
  12. It looks like the bleeker line threw up.
  13. I'm normally not a fan of the patchwork at all, but I do kinda like this one. I like the leather patch in the middle - I feel it ties the look of the entire bag together somehow.
  14. I'm not a fan of patchwork either
  15. That ones not too bad. I haven't really liked a holiday patchwork since 04 or 05, can't remember the exact year of the bag I'm thinking of.