The New Hippie Look

  1. Lately there has been a new trend going around...the hippie-chic look.
    Marykate Olsen started it about March or so of this year by adding extensions to her hair and dyeing her hair a light shade of honey-brown while wearing loose and flowy outfits.Now it seems that Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie have both taken on the look as well.Lindsay recently dyed her hair a honey brown recently as well and Nicole Richie added some extensions into her hair.

    Since boho was big last summer, perhaps hippie-chic is the new thing for this summer ? What do you guys think ? Love it/ Hate it ? Opinions ?
  2. I like the other Olsen twin's look, it's sleek but still casual and her hair and natural make-up is nice, and suits her well, the hippie look just looks sloppy on the other sister she's so tiny.
  3. I like the look on Lindsey and Nicole. On Mary Kate it just looks sloppy. Her frame is too small for such big clothes and hair. She looks like a hairy muppet baby. I think Ashley is much cuter.

    I like the disheveled hair look but I think it can be made to look chic and sexy too though. Kate Beckinsale has been pulling it off beautifully...

    Oh...and I think the bandana look is just dirty!
  4. I agree.
  5. MK always looks depressed to me, her clothes are way to big, her hair too long and straggly, she just looks like a lost person to me.

  7. i like it on nicole but that green dress is horrible on MK.
  8. I think Boho in moderation is cool but MK does it from head to toe. Makes her look ridiculous!
  9. I like it on Nicole and Lindsay, but I agree with lordguinny- it looks kinda sloppy on Mary-Kate
  10. Gross. What a spectacle this girl is. This just screams EGO to me in all is overexaggerated mess.
  11. :yes::yes::yes: totally agree marykate weighs all of 85lbs those bed sheets she wraps herself in probably weigh 25 its a wonder she can walk!! i think it looks awful on her on LiLo and Nicole its cuter bc they are able to pull it off slightly more sophisticated even though marykate kinda started it she needs to start something else like a trend in tailoring and hemming
  12. ick, i hate how MK dresses. i love ashley though. very chic but casual. i hate how she always looks so sloppy. i dont think it looks great on lilo or nicole richie either.
  13. love the look
  14. oh no, i can't differentiate MK from ashley...
    but i love those styles anyway :P
    love it on lilo
    hate it on nicole
  15. ohhh... as always, Nicole is hot~~