The new Hermes perfume

  1. Im sure there is a thread on this already as you Hermes ladies are GOOD!!!! has anyone had the pleasure of smelling this new scent?? The sample smells a little strong to me as I wear a really light scent but good gives me butterflys in my stomache, it smells sooooooooo good!!!!!:nuts:
  2. No one???:confused1:
  3. Which perfume is it? What's it called? I've found that most Hermes perfumes don't work with me ... Rose Ikebana does but it fades away too quickly.
  4. Its called Elixir Des Merveilles
  5. I think I've seen it but never tried it. I have tried Eau des Merveilles and it did not work on me at all.:crybaby:
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