The new Gustto Baca in Rust...what a beauty...

  1. I have always loved burnt orange or rust colored bags so on a whim bought the Gustto Baca in Rust, thinking this would be a great bag for the Fall.

    Well girls, it arrived yesterday, the leather is even better than my blue Baca and the color saturation is simply wonderful. I have no doubt this will be one of the 'go to' bags for me for a long time.

    I love how rust goes so great with dark wash jeans and a simple white or cream top, no matter the season.

    I do notice the interior of the new Bacas have a different setup on the slip pockets. There is one small, leather tipped pocket for your cell phone and one larger plain pocket for keys. The key pocket can handle a fat bunch of keys and the cell slip pocket holds your phone snugly. I like it.

    Wait, did I just say I 'like' the Gustto interior. Do allow me to rephrase. *s I like the new pocket set up, the lining still leaves something to be desired.

    All in all, the new Baca in Rust is a great bag.
    RustBacaFront.jpg RustBacaSide.jpg RustBacaInterior.jpg RustBacaBottom.jpg RustBacaTopZip.jpg
  2. oh.........:sweatdrop: It looks fabulous! Would you say the color leans more towards a red rust or an orangy rust?
  3. I dont know, looks like a cognac or brown colour to me :shame:
  4. The color in the photo is dead-on. I would say there is an orangy tinge to it.
  5. Congrats ladysalesrep195! That is a gorgeous bag! :tup:
  6. Just Beautiful SalesRep! I love all the Bacas in their variety of color. I want to see a Wine colored one. They are just the neatest bags. I like other Gusttos but the Baca is special. I'm so glad Slush turned me on to them.
  7. Gorgeous! I just asked slush before seeing these pics if hers was 'rust,' but now i know they are not the same. Both colors are just gorgeous though! Congrats!
  8. Gorgeous! It almost looks like a luggage color - not so much red in it. It's gorgeous nonetheless, and looks like the perfect fall bag (although you can definitely use it year round).

    My Setela is just like that on the inside. In fact, I was surprised when I got my baca that it only had one pocket (in addition to the zippered pocket). I thought that maybe this was another "feature" that was changed when Gustto changed manufacturers, but maybe it's how the Baca's have always been made, and they only recently changed this.
  9. Ooh what a lovely colour!

    Great choice!
  10. the leather :drool: :drool: :drool:
  11. Gorgeous! So soft and smooshy looking.
  12. did you order this from Revolve or Shopbop?
  13. i love it! congrats!
  14. WOW!! I have the Tobacco Small Baca & have been wanting the Rust color too!! Aren't these AWESOME bags?

    Congrads! It's stunning!!
  15. That is a gorgeous colour. I think the Baca is a great bag, very eye catching and holds a ton without looking huge. I love that bag!!