the New Grey Lambskin Lady Dior~~~~~~~

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  1. #1 Jun 16, 2014
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2014
    hi all, I'm new to Dior family.

    Being fascinated by black lambskin lady dior for years, I planned to buy a black one with GHW during my recent trip to Italy. However, when presented by SA this new grey lady (according to her it's seasonal/limited color), I'm immediately addicted to it. In addition, as a young lady of 28 years old, the black with GHW is a little bit too mature for me. The most important is that the new grey is not too dark or too light as the previous ones so it's very versatile for clothing of all colors.

    As all of you are familiar with the medium lady, just a simple reveal of the color~~~

    Btw: the service in Dior boutique is fantastic and may be the best among all luxury brands. I bought this new baby in Firenze Boutique. The SA Ariadna is gorgeous, professional and extremely nice! Recommend to all of you!!

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  2. So beautiful! I agree Dior service is the best, and Dior does make the best greys. I have a pochette in a beautiful metallic grey which I've found to be very versatile. Please show more pics!
  3. Beautiful! I would love to see more pics too.
  4. This is a lovely Grey ! Mod pictures please.
  5. Beautiful colour! Congratulations!!!
  6. we are bag twins!! congratulations!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE my grey LD and i just adore the entire dior experience... hands down the very very best!! enjoy your new bag!!! :yahoo:
  7. oops, i have the LD large - but same color - which is just the most perfect grey!! feel so special each and every time i use it.
  8. Dior makes the best colors and their customer service is the best hands down. Congrats on your new gray Lady Dior.
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  9. Gorgeous bag.. Congrats
  10. thank you all~~~~
    will post modelling pic as soon as I get one:P
  11. the serene beauty:P

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  12. Gorgeous!
  13. So gorgeous!
  14. beautiful
  15. I am in love with this lag. The color is so pretty. Congrats!