The new gold holiday patchwork lunch tote

  1. hi,
    I have seen this gold holiday patchwork lunch tote flooded on eBay. I think they are from the factory store . I don't live closed to any outlet, has anyone seen this lunch tote in person? it looks really cute, I wonder if anyone know the price, thanks
    Merry xmas and Happy new year ........
    here is the link to eBay
  2. Yeah..I saw it in the outlets. $279 + 20% off.

    Actually, I think this is the smaller of the two...$229 + 20% off if it is.
  3. I'm pretty sure its the $229 plus 20% off- last weekend it was an additional 20% off of that, too.
  4. I just purchased that at the Woodbury outlet today!! It is TDF!!! I ended up paying $193.50 for it because it was $269 + 20% off + 10%(in-store promo for today) or something like that... the deals they had were better then black friday. I spent sooo much money! EEK!!:shocked:!
  5. I saw these bags today at the outlet, they are really gorgeous IRL. They do seem to be very delicate, not for everyday use, but for the price they are a real deal.
  6. hi, I did actually purchased it already. I asked my aunt who lives near Coach outlet in Pentaluma to pick it up for me. It's $249 + 20% off. Great deal. That is my xmas tote. gorgeous.
    thanks boardies
  7. yes i think it's gorgeous!
    i have to stay away from the outlet, so i won't buy one, but i do love gold coach!