The New Gallery totes

  1. Did anyone get one? I think they are lovely but wish that the straps were a little longer. I can get it on my shoulder but its not a swift move nor does the second strap want to stay in place. I really like the tote but want to be happy not happy except for the strap.
    gallery tote.jpg
  2. I don't have a new one but have one from last season. I don't think those bags are really meant to be carried over the shoulder. I can get it on my shoulder too but it takes some work. I'd much rather carry it in my hand or on my arm.
  3. I just saw the new gallery totes at Coach today. I loved the chocolate one with the lavender lining. It fits on the shoulder but I don't think it is really a shoulder bag, you can do it for an emergency when you need your hands free but it is most comfortable on the arm.
  4. I got one, but haven't used it yet. It seems to fit quite well on my shoulder. The second strap does sometimes slip a little, but this bag felt better on my shoulder than any other but the leigh, which didn't look so hot on me, and was too expensive. I REALLY like this tote!!:smile:

  5. i just saw the chocolate one today and I loved it... i'm thinking about getting it... it fit pretty well over the shoulder for me as well.... i like that it has a lot of space...
  6. I just got the smaller tote, and it's fine over the shoulder. I do need to use the other hand to get it up there, but that's not a big deal.

    I really like that the bottom is more structured than previous gallery totes and my other sig stripe totes. It holds a bunch and retains it's great shape with the new bottom.

    The lining is just dreamy - I have the black with a blue lining, and the chocolate has lavender.
  7. I got the chocolate with the lavendar lining and I LOVE it! The larger one seemed to have a slightly longer strap length in the store, but the smaller one suited my needs better so I got that instead. It does hold on my shoulder just fine, but might be a bit of a problem with a heavy coat. I am totally loving it though! It is really the perfect bag for me!
  8. I went to the boutique this evening and tried on the large and loved it. I got the khaki w/red trim, it has a lovely pink lining. This one's handles are a tad longer and I can wear it on the shoulder.
    I just decided that I'd rather get it now with pce than wait and pay full price or miss out. But I am really happy I did. Glad to hear others are in the "gallery tote club" thanks for your replies.
    large gallery tote.jpg
  9. I just bought the large khaki/brown tote with beige lining.
    I think I'm going to return it for the black.
    Love the bag but the other colors look nicer.

    The strap is longer enough for and stays on faiely good.
  10. I got the smaller chocolate one too and love it!
  11. I don't like skinny straps...
  12. I bought the red leather gallery tote and I absolutely love it. No problem with getting it on the shoulder, but if I pack it up for work, it might get a little heavy for my shoulder and I'll carry it by the handle anyway.
  13. If you want to wear the tote over your shoulder, it tends to be uncomfortable after a while. The skinny straps dig into you. I don't buy gallery totes anymore for this reason. I like to wear all my bags over the shoulder so it has to be comfortable. It is a very pretty bag, though! :tup: