The *new* fall RED?

  1. So I still haven't been able to figure out from the swatches what the new Fall Balenciaga red will look like. I thought if someone had heard about it - they could do a better job of describing it to me.

    I heard it was a "brick" red - does that mean a darker version of Vermillion, i.e. a deeper brown red?

    I'm confused :shrugs: can anyone shed some light?

    (although I need another red b-bag like a hole in the head! haha)
  2. Hi beauxgoris - check out incoralblue's thread (page 7) : page, according to the comments, it's actually more towards 03 rouge
  3. ^^That was a good photo of the 2003 red - but no 2007 :sad:

    I know there's the swatch photo - but I just can't get a good read on it. I'm confused though. People are calling it a tomato red - but isn't the official title "paprika" or "cinnamon"? Those sound darker to me?

    Oh well, I guess i'll just have to wait and see what it looks like when people start posting photos of their new bags! : )
  4. The official Bal NY name for ROUGE is TOMATO.

    There was a bit of a mix up. CINNAMON is MOGANO (mahogany)...a very very deep brownish red. PAPRIKA is ROUILLE.

    The photo I posted (from Ateliernaff) is the closest in color to the swatch I saw (in person) at Bal NY.
  5. I'm not saying that it's similar to 03 RED...however, in the photo 03 RED shows up is very similar to TOMATO (FW 07).


    It's not brownish red at all...nor is it orangey.
  6. WOW - so there are THREE red themed bags this fall?! Holy Smokes!
  7. Cinnamon/ brown with red undertones...there is no way anyone can mistake this for a red...however, in certain lighting you can see the red undertones showing through. much like Rouille...very orangey red.
  8. ^^Oh gotcha! Thanks for the 411!! :flowers:
  9. Sorry to bring a Chloe into this (LOL) but is it similar to this:

  10. ^ real close...but a tad darker...see how the orangey tones make the bag bright? Tomato is a deep red...I'm trying to figure out a word to accurately describe it...

    I take it back...the photo of that 03 red is the most accurate I can find.
  11. Wow...i'm getting excited over this new season :'s definitely my aim rather than the rouge vermillon (Which has the orange tone).....cheers
  12. Awesome! I loved m rouge paddy, it's just the color and the leather texture seemed to be fighting each other.

    I can see red in that general tone playing very nicely with the yummy Bal chevre leather!!!
  13. oh great, the f/w 07 is going to put me over the edge... i need to get signed up for a tomato DAY! god i hope it comes in this color...:drool:
  14. WOW, I am going to be excited for 07 ROUGE, too!!! Does that mean it is close to 05 ROUGE???
  15. Incoral, thanks so much as always for your insight!!!!! You made it a lot clearer for I have a good indication of what 07 Rouge is going to be, and I'm loving the sound of it.

    I think I'll get this instead of 05 RT. Hum, which style though? City or Work???