The New Face of Chanel - Rumored to be Frances Bean Cobain?

  1. Anyone else surprised? I think she's unusual looking and fascinating and it could be a very interesting fit if this is the case.


    Frances Bean Cobain the new face of Chanel

    [​IMG] | Posted Jan 7th 2008 5:13PM by Jonathon Morgan
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    [​IMG]Remember Frances Bean Cobain -- the daughter of Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain? The rock world's most famous offspring is widely rumored to be the front runner for the face of Chanel's 2008 campaign -- and she's only 15!

    I had no idea she was even a model, but apparently Frances Bean is "overwhelmed" by the opportunity and ready for "what the Chanel experience may offer."

    Not that she's unattractive, but honestly, Frances Bean is the last person I'd ever expect to be the face of Chanel. (OK, after your weird-looking neighbor who confuses Crocs with "couture.") Are they just looking for anyone young and mildly famous?
  2. Her mother is having alot of financial problems right now. If this is true, I am sure Mom is pimping her out for $$.

    (Not a fan of the widow Cobain)
  3. While I don't find her that attractive, neither is she a dog. Maybe with the right hair and makeup she would look different?

    I still think she's too young though. I really don't think any 15 year old should be the poster girl for Chanel. LV recently had Catherine Deneuve in some ads, she looked very striking and classy. Age can do that!
  4. Eh, I can totally see it. I actually think many of the high fashion models are kind of weird looking and not necessarily pretty...
  5. Wow...

  6. Roo, I'm not fan of the widow cobain either. LOL.
  7. Yikes! I think that the big designers are going for that unique, mysterious thing these days with celebrities. I mean, is it just me, or are they finding the most obscure people for their ad campaigns?
  8. mmm

    Im suprised. Interestingly enough- she rides and competes in dressage I believe, known for its difficulty and a sport that mostly attracts middle age women (it does have its child prodigys and brilliant riders of young and men) so interesting.....mmmm

  9. Wow, that's a ghastly photo of her. I agree that many designers go for the off looking model, but in this photo her eyes just look plain scary.
  10. I think she is striking-- which is what Chanel is probably going for.

  11. She is not pretty , not even good looking, not even from good family and have 0 style.
    I think Chanel going out of the mind, i bet COCO Chanel herself crying in her grave.
    Before , for me CHANEL mark was style and quality icon, now......Plastic chains, poison pink colors, little ugly gils ....gross....
  12. This comes as no surprise to me, even though I wouldn't have picked FB myself. Amy Winehouse was Karl's sole inspiration for the recent collection with that messy beehive. He loves the heroine chic, gangly and offbeat look and so she definitely seems like someone he would have as his next muse.
  13. :upsidedown::lol: This is the funniest post yet....:heart:H

  14. I am surprised to hear this....I don't see it, but who knows? :shrugs:
  15. ^^ LOL H! Although for some reason I do find Frances Bean unusually cute...there's some kind of appeal there. I think she'd be a better fit for Marc Jacobs, no?