The New DESIRE~What do you think??

  1. Wow! Great alternative to the Bal! Looks super on you!
  2. Thanks everybody! It didn't occur to me that it looked like the Balenciaga (probably because I could never afford one), but it does have a similar feel.
  3. Wow! This looks awesome on you! Don't mean to sound like some weirdo, but do you work out or run? You look great! You seem to have such a nicely toned body. Sorry if I sound psycho. Lol!
  4. Thank you! You don't sound weird. I've been working hard to get in shape lately, so it's really nice to hear that.
  5. i'm really liking this bag. i'm a bal city lover, and hoped that RM would make something similar in size/shape to the city but RM-ified. i was looking on RM's website and came across it which lead me to this thread - looks like they've already toned down the whipstitching, as i don't see it on the bottom part of the bag in the pictures on RM's website (unless it's just not showing because the picture angle is different). would love to see more pictures!
  6. Love everything on this bag except the buckle detailing on the handles - it's so close to all the stud detailng that it kinda looks busy IMO! wish they were just plain handles with the whipstitch detailing (sooo BAL-ish btw!) would totally pounce on one otherwise!!
  7. No, I love my City, but this one is easier to deal with and more functional due to the interior pockets and the fact that it is a little more structured than my City. The City collapses and is harder to just reach in and grab something. The color of the Desire is sort of a blush - very neutral. I have some gorgeous bags, but seem always now to be grabbing this one since it is so functional.
  8. You've really sparked my interest...I love functional...and it has an outside pocket.

  9. Does it bother anyone else that the zipper end is not sewn into the bag? I like my Desire but dislike that loose zipper end hanging there.
  10. Yes it's very bothersome! I've tried tucking it inside and leaving it up and like it tucked inside better. I wish it were a regular zipper like on the MAMs!
  11. Oh, thank goodness I'm not alone. I was afraid my OCD was kicking in.
  12. It really does look like the Balenciaga... but definitely a fraction of the price. Good job!
  13. I saw these bags IRL yesterday. Cute - and I really liked the light pink one in OPs original picture - but the bag is a bit small and the primary handles are short - unlike MAM where you can put over your shoulder w/o using the long strap.
    This one is probably not for me. Just goes to show - many times a picture is not same as seeing and touching IRL.
  14. OK, that is good to know. I dislike gaps around a zipper. Drives me nuts.