The New Deerskin Gauffre I Mentioned A While Back ... I found some pix!!

  1. Ok, remember that Gauffre with the horizontal ruching I was trying to describe about 6 weeks ago? Well here it is... I found someone selling this bag on eBay and these are her pix. I tried to post this the other nite before the auction had ended but for some reason the "manage attachments" tool wasn't working and I was unable to post. Very weird.

    The auction already sold and the original price was $2450, they were asking $1500 or best offer... best offer won at $1300. I am not vouching for any authenticity here... but I'm pretty sure this is quite identical to the one I saw a few weeks ago in a major dept. store...
    2c6e_1.jpg 2d23_1.jpg 2dc6_1.jpg 2e7a_1.jpg 2f27_1.jpg
  2. More Pix!
    2fd9_1.jpg 312c_1.jpg 3090_1.jpg
  3. Nice - its very similar to the bag Justonemore purchased but with a strap! The buyer got a bargain. :drool:
  4. Isnt that from last FALL?I think it was....
  5. Shoot Jill... dunno!

    You're waaaaaay more Prada-saavy than any of us! :smile:
    I thought it was new for Fall 2007... but I may be mistaken.

    Ok, now I feel bad if I posted something incorrect, and got everyone all excited. This was the bag I saw like 6 weeks ago that my SA did say was new for Fall. Maybe she didn't know either. :wtf:

    Sorry to all!

    PS... Does anyone have one???
  6. New or not - I love it! :nuts:
  7. i love it!
  8. That's so unique- I've never seen one before, not even in a Jill-got-a-new-bag thread :p
  9. congrats!!!
  10. PAD...Prada may have brought it back for this fall its prob still around.I saw it at NM last fall.
    OH...and if u guys want to see the next hot PRADA bags..The newest comin out NOW are the TRUNKS collection.They have this cute luggage tag with gold stuff on it.I beleive STYLEDROPS has a pic of a leather one.I have an email pic from my SA of a nylon Ill post later(after softball game..LOL..busy week here!LOL!)
  11. ^^^I saw that, Jill. Thank god the price is ridiculous or I'd be risking divorce again!!
  12. Hey Jill...

    You know I did only see one of them - and so maybe it was just a leftover bag that someone returned many months later - and that SA wasn't familiar with past season bags... anything's possible. I just thought it was new because I never saw that style anywhere, but wasn't followng Prada pre-2006.

    Well that one sighting back in early May was the only place and time I've seen the bag, so I'll keep my eyes open for more stuff - I may hit the stores again this afternoon.

    I did see a Summer/Fall Prada lookbook and disappointingly saw *no* gauffres! I thought that was odd. I did see alot of styles with the silver to black gradation.