The New DE Portabello GM

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  1. I have to say this bag is beautiful and is the perfect shoulder bag IMO. I had the opportunity to view one today at the LV Boutique and it is a GORGEOUS handbag. The pictures that are circulating don't do it justice. The hardware is different than the norm and the lining is a deep chocolate brown with a similar feel to a faux suede. The strap is padded on the top side but flat on the bottom. If I remember correctly it has a slight arch and is stamped with Louis Vuitton on top. It's not as pronounced as the delightful strap. I purchased this bag but don't get to bring it home until Oct.1 and I'm very pleased to say it had NO cloth tag and was MIF. If any of you have been waiting for this bag you won't be disappointed!!
  2. Can't wait to see modeling pics! Congratulations!
  3. Hi OP - May I ask if you're in the US?
  4. If you are, do you mind my asking the sizes abvailable and price?
  5. Yes, I'm in the US and in CA.
  6. It's available in 2 sizes. I only viewed the GM & it is retailing for $1500.
  7. Thanks!
  8. I saw it today too! I like the hardware (very unique) and the interior (which makes the bag softer), but I'm not entirely sold on it. The smaller one has a nicer dimension than the larger to me, but I don't know if it would fit all my stuff (like an iPad). I use my Artsy and speedy DE as my daily bags and am happy with them. It's pretty though!
  9. I rather have this one than kusama :sorry:
    I can't wait and I reserved one for the QM :biggrin:
  10. Me too. No offense to anyone who likes Kusama...I think it's hideous and will become dated very quickly. I cannot wait to get the portobello!!!
  11. Any pictures anywhere?
  12. Clubhouse :biggrin:

  13. image-2693337228.jpg

  14. You did my friend? What size? I might head down to lv tomorrow to check it out! :biggrin:
  15. Thank you! I remember seeing this and thinking how similar it was to the mono sully.
    When I read portobello i imagined something like Chanel's portobello which I'm a fan of! :biggrin: