The new Dark White Reissue???

  1. Here is a picture of the 2006 dark white reissue. It's so beautiful!!!
  2. omg! that is HAWT!
  3. That is gorgeous! I want it
  4. Thank you for posting that! I love seeing these pictures...
  5. THAT IS SOOOOOOOO beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! where can we get it?
  6. Hot, hot, hot:yes: ....
  7. Gorgeous.. I need one of these !
  8. Maybe I should consider buying one again :shame: It's beautiful! Is it available yet?
  9. awesome...i want one
  10. OMG>. i was just about to do that.. but i spent 40 minutes "print screen-ing" the whole FALL collection and putting it in a huge collage.. picked my favourites..

    LOVE the luggage line.. and this large black zip tote AND the bootttsss

    AND the jersey red flap bag...

    AND the metallic / pearl looking pleated flap hobo bag..

    SO GORGEOUS!!!!!

    **runs off to sell bags....
  11. Oooh that is gorgeous! If I didnt have my ivory caviar jumbo, I would probably get this! I love that size too! I like the 228!
  12. it's beautiful....but a little too big:shame:
  13. :graucho: Very Nice:biggrin:
  14. just checked, the fall/winter line has been shipped, and we should expect to see them by July.
  15. Want, Want, Want that bag!!!!! Can't wait to see it IRL.