the new damier sporty...

  1. has anyone waitlisted for the new sporty or hampsteads yet? i am finding that i probably will need to because pretty much everyone i know who has seen them has loved them, and i thought i saw some people say they were already were waitlisted.

    so, i called the atlantic city store and of course the SA is like "i don't see anything in the damier collection under that name" and i'm like "it's under may" and she comes back on the phone and i'm like, "is there a waitlist started for that yet?" and she LAUGHS at me! she goes, "oh it is part of the permanent collection and will be distributed to all stores, i doubt it will be a waitlisted item" and i shot back, "yeah, well, that's what they said about damier azur collection and that is still impossible for a lot of people to get" :noggin: :lecture: :censor: :rant: :mad: i got such a nasty reaction from her that i didn't even bother asking about the hampsteads because i doubt she'd know what i was talking about. don't you just love how SAs are NOT UP TO DATE AND RUDE?

    :cursing: anyway, is anyone waitlisted? anyone think they will be tough to get?
  2. I haven't waitlisted but I'm still deciding between the med & large size of the hamstead.
  3. I'm waitlisted. I actually started the waitlist! :yes: I asked about it, she said they didn't have one started, but that she would start one with my name at the TOP!! :yahoo: I hate it when you get a RUDE not necessary! LOL

    Good Luck!
  4. I heard someone on waitlist for the Azur sporty bag...maybe you need to go to the store pointing the bag on the look book, and say "I WANT TO WAITLIST THIS BAG"[​IMG]...they'll definitely do it for you...:p
  5. Hope I can go to the boutique next Saturday.
  6. I had a similar experience at the Horton Plaza LV in San Diego last Sunday, but my SA was very nice about it. She said something to the effect of, "I don't see it here (in whatever book she was looking at), but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I probably just don't have all the information yet." She told me she would email me when she had more info about it. I just really wanted to see a picture of the bag and if I liked it, I would waitlist .:yes: Anyway, I'm planning on going back next week--I probably have to actually say, "May I browse through the look book?":smile: .
  7. what does it look like!?!!??
  8. quote=babydee03;1738288]what does it look like!?!!??[/quote]

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  9. [​IMG]
  10. when is it being released?
  11. my sa told me there is no need to waitlist as they are part of the permenant collection. i see what you're saying about the azur but they weren't expecting the response they got for it.
  12. yeeeesss, but obviously they don't expect a huge response on this one either but they were wrong about azur...that's not to say this style won't be bigger than they expect. same thing could happen with these bags. sporty seems to be similar to the speedy except with more detail (and bigger price!!!) and the hampsteads are quite similar to the batignolles, which everyone on tPF loves. i think these bags will get a big response, and i want to make sure i will get one when it comes out, permanent collection or not.
  13. what does the hampstead look like
  14. i really like the sporty
  15. Spring, summer 2007 the summary

    I believe you can find all the info. u need in that thread.