the new damier geant accessories are out!

  1. :yahoo:they have come up with three new accessories. all in black. hopefully these would eventually be available in terre/earth.

    pochette cles/key & change holder 160 euros
    what is nice about this is it has an external pocket for cards...

    next up is porte 9 cartes de credit/9 cards and bills holder 290 euros

    and lastly portefeuille long zippe/long zipped wallet 430 euros
    dg key & change holder.JPG dg 9 cards & bill holder.JPG dg long zipped wallet.JPG
  2. finally... I really like the cles.. another piece for my wishlist:smile:
  3. Oh... I don't like it at first sight. I'll have to see it in the boutique.
  4. Aw, how nice...after all, on Valentine's day, guys should get presents, too!:graucho:
  5. I have to see these in person too. I like how the cles is a lil different....
  6. were they not supposed to release new bags? I am told the line is not being discontinued now so i would expect them to release more stuff.
  7. i wan...:drool: when are thye launch?:confused1:
  8. they are quite steep in price
    I would rather go for epi leather or other leather styles
  9. ITA, me too! I was interested by these, but luckily I dont like the price AND the way they look :p One less thing for my wishlist!!
  10. I would like these in a different colour, black doesnt do smaller accessories any Justice IMO, but I would like them In lighter colours. I would love to see IRL
  11. they are adorable the lookbook pics were just black sqaures basically so it's nice to see some detail cute!
  12. Cool! Look forward to them in Terre :smile:
  13. Ah!!! Finally, my DBF's Valentine's day present. :nuts:

    Thanks for the pics and info.
  14. Terre will probably look loads better than black..... in the pics, the black doesn't make it look too special. But again, I need to see irl!
  15. I like them, they look incredibly durable....thanks for sharing the photos!!