The New Cosmetic Cases are they LE?

  1. I am confused does anyone know if the new cosmetic cases are LE? I imagine the Gold Miroir is, but what about the Pomme?
  2. i was told that the cosmetic pouch is LE.
  3. ^same here- I think they're a one-shot release.
  4. Yeah, they are. One store was holding a gold one for me and another was holding the silver. I don't think I'll be able to get either though. :sad:
    The SA who left a message said that they'd probably be gone by tomorrow since they're such a hot item.
  5. Yes, they are one shot. I got my violette one today. Soooo beautiful! I saw all the cases --- I would have loved to have all of them. They are that gorgeous!
  6. ^^^Congrats Pursenut911, violette is such a stunning color!

    I also heard they are LE and very limited at that, get them while you can!
  7. How much are they?
  8. The Miroir version is $385 each, and Vernis one is $355 each.
  9. Rebecca, they had a gold one in the case, this afternoon....hope you can get it!
  10. ^Lol I know hehe. I actually got the Violette heart, Violette cosmetic case and gold cosmetic case. :p
  11. ^^^YAAAY! I got my pomme case but not the heart yet.
  12. Congrats, the Pomme one was gorgeous...I wish I could have seen it in person.
    Actually, scratch that, I probably would have wanted that too lol.
  13. ^^^Congrats Rebecca, you scored!

  14. Rebecca, I saw the Pomme --- gorgeous! Yes, you would have wanted that one. LOL My SA showed me all of the cosmetic case colors and asked me which one I wanted. I settled on the violette. But the amarante was also calling my name (well, along with the pomme, amarante, silver, and gold, lol), but I had to resist since I had just also bought 3 hearts. :nuts:
  15. I hope they stay LE! I was just reading the thread about how many items were released as LE...then got released again.