The New Coach Site is Now Updated. Need help on what to buy that is a light and cute

  1. I am always up early and the site is now updated with all the new goodies we were curious about. So now ladies feast your eyes on the new totes and diaper bags with the little strip colors at the bottom going the same way as the straw baskets. I am keeping away from any heavy hardware from now on after my latest experience. I cannot even hold my Legacy denim bag which I refuse to part with , the blue and white one with the scarf. I guess my back is out...Any opinion of really nice bags on this new site or older bags that are lite and cute for daytime to night? I would appreciate your favorites.... :drool:
  2. I like the new signature multi stripe, but I don't think you can go into night with those bags - too casual. I'm kinda waiting now until May when the cotton legacy stuff comes out. Or at least until the end of next month when I can order stuff again without feeling too guilty.
  3. I love the straw bags for summer and spring..
    What is your fave?
  4. I like the new pear color in the Soho flap or Hobo styles, such a pretty color!
  5. Oooh!
    Going to site now.
  6. sooo much cute stuff up there.
    love this...but don't $60 love it...
    [​IMG] to night bag, eh?
    being could get away with alot...I really like this:
    and maybe these crossbodies would be better on your back?
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. Wooo, I will buy my 12 years old daughter multi stripe puch and I want straw bag !!

    I just got legacy tote. I should have waited..sigh.
  8. I love the pear color. Those are just adorable.
    I do like the straw as well. Hmmm...very nice very nice.
    I'm not an Ergo lover though....they really went all out for that line, though.
  9. i must have these...



    I'm thinking in about 2 weeks I'll be able to get these since I got 2 bags and new shoes on sunday haha
  10. Haha. Exactly what I did.

    I like the Ergo totes in Camel, Black, and White. I don't know if they would make good night bags, though.
  11. I want something light, but this stuff, not feeling love at all....too bright and too United Nations
  12. The Ergo totes you mean? Or all of the new stuff...? lol
  13. i dont like the ergo's at all...they remind me of something my mom would offense to anyone that loves them or owns them...they just aren't my style...
  14. Haha. I don't know why I like them, because I usually go for the classic ones with the Cs on them. But I won't buy the Ergo, basically because I don't have that much money (lol) and I think it would be something my mom would carry generation is all about showing off the label. ;)

  15. You are on the right track by saying you want to avoid hardware.

    this is really light. mine should get here by friday!

    i know you are looking for a day/night bag so this may be an option also. doesnt hold much, but it is light