Aug 4, 2022
Hi everyone. Just a quick introduction... I'm Kat from the UK and a new member of the forum. I have a bit of a shoe addiction as I imagine a lot of you do, and have around 30 pairs of Louboutin's in my collection at this moment in time.

How do I go about starting my own thread in the Louboutin Forum. At the moment it says "insufficient Privileges"? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I look forward to speaking to you all and seeing some of your amazing shoes!.

Kat x
Hello, I just received my first pair of Louboutin last week, a secondhand Ronron 100. I am already in love and they are a lot more comfortable that my other heels that are lower, somehow. They are just a bit big for me, like a half size, but I can make this work. I am in love. They are so beautiful and with a simple outfit they are so elegant. And well, they make the feet beautiful. No other heels can do that. So now, I want more (though I said for years that I would never buy any Louboutin, how stupid was I)...
I am aiming for New Simple Pumps, but I don't see them on their website, so I guess they are discontinued. Any secondhand online store recommendation for Europe ? Or do stores still have them (Paris or Cologne/Dusseldorf) ?
I also think I will offer myself a pair of Pigalle or Kate in 100 or 85 (100 is sexy, 85 is comfy haha) when I get a new job (my current contract will end in 6 months) as a reward :smile:

@Kats_heels you can start a new thread after being some time on the forum and replying to a few existing thread, if I remember correctly. You should check the rules for answers :smile: