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  1. IKR?? I was going to try and lay off for the year, but... the Mechante Reine!! So badass...
    I haven’t posted my Spring/Summer purchases yet but I have done enough damage for the year tbh :biggrin:
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  2. Oh my! I need these!
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  3. 2174 would be great without the silly spikes and the clear plastic common on $20 stripper shoes.

    Seriously, I don't get the whole spike craze.
  4. These are great! Do you have a link to the other styles? Id love to see what else is coming out this Fall.... Ive been trying to replace my Gazolinas for years that were destroyed in a house plumbing issue. :sad:
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  5. Hey, c :wave: Bummer about the Gazolina! The Mechante Reine are on BG and Nordies site as well as CL. . Not sure about the booties.
  6. I can only imagine, you have impeccable taste. I need to lay off for a bit...may have to take a break from social media in order to not start drooling at the lovely pictures shared :smile:
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  7. These are incredible!!!
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  8. I got them… they are unbelievable. No idea if they’ll squeak. I can feel the studs inside in a couple places but I don’t think it’s a big problem. And yes, there are a lot of BEAUTIFUL shoes this Fall! And I just fell in love with crystals for the first time. Sparkles!! :heart: :girlsigh::love:
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  9. Enjoy! they didn't work out for me :smile: but i would love to see mod pics of yours when you wear!
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  10. I'm usually more active in other subforums, but I just had to share my excitement and I know you guys will understand :biggrin:.
    It's 02:21 am where I am and I just couldn't sleep, so decided to browse on the CL site. I was looking at the Moulamax in black suede in the past few weeks, but they were sold out in my size.
    But this time I saw that CL restocked several boots in several sizes, including Moulamax. So of course I couldn't resist :angel:.
    I haven't felt so excited about new shoes for a long time, but I am really looking forward to Moulamax :amuse:.
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  11. Is there any other tall gals who wear loubs? I want to get more pairs but im trying to get myself more comfortable about wearing heels that are higher than 4 inches. Im 5’10 so already with the 100mm heels I become around 6’2. Id love some so kates but id be even taller lol anyone else in this situation?
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  12. Well, look at it this way. Proportionally, the higher heels will look better on you because everything is long. Does that make sense? The only thing you can do is try it and get used to the feeling :flowers:
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  13. 84C1323E-F6A6-4A85-BC67-B9BB90A7DA28.png Thinking about Spring shoes. :flowers: I’m feeling a little sad about letting the Miss Valois get away... I want a cute sandal!
  14. Bergdorf Goodman has a beautiful pair of Moulamax booties on sale online in leopard print for only $472, wish I were a size 36!
  15. 338877BB-F19F-49F7-ABA5-774EBB9671AB.png
    Here you go!
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