1. IKR?? I was going to try and lay off for the year, but... the Mechante Reine!! So badass...
    I haven’t posted my Spring/Summer purchases yet but I have done enough damage for the year tbh :biggrin:
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  2. Oh my! I need these!
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  3. 2174 would be great without the silly spikes and the clear plastic common on $20 stripper shoes.

    Seriously, I don't get the whole spike craze.
  4. These are great! Do you have a link to the other styles? Id love to see what else is coming out this Fall.... Ive been trying to replace my Gazolinas for years that were destroyed in a house plumbing issue. :sad:
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  5. Hey, c :wave: Bummer about the Gazolina! The Mechante Reine are on BG and Nordies site as well as CL. . Not sure about the booties.
  6. I can only imagine, you have impeccable taste. I need to lay off for a bit...may have to take a break from social media in order to not start drooling at the lovely pictures shared :smile:
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  7. These are incredible!!!
  8. I got them… they are unbelievable. No idea if they’ll squeak. I can feel the studs inside in a couple places but I don’t think it’s a big problem. And yes, there are a lot of BEAUTIFUL shoes this Fall! And I just fell in love with crystals for the first time. Sparkles!! :heart: :girlsigh::love:
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  9. Enjoy! they didn't work out for me :smile: but i would love to see mod pics of yours when you wear!
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  10. I'm usually more active in other subforums, but I just had to share my excitement and I know you guys will understand :biggrin:.
    It's 02:21 am where I am and I just couldn't sleep, so decided to browse on the CL site. I was looking at the Moulamax in black suede in the past few weeks, but they were sold out in my size.
    But this time I saw that CL restocked several boots in several sizes, including Moulamax. So of course I couldn't resist :angel:.
    I haven't felt so excited about new shoes for a long time, but I am really looking forward to Moulamax :amuse:.
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