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  1. :smile: this one made me smile, of course people make comments, for some odd reason they think that "those" women that wear CL's are different, but we are just like everyone else, we have feelings too! speaking behind peoples back is RUDE, but people do it, you are doing the right thing, ignore it. You wear what you want and love every minute of it.
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  2. will these work on already worn and scuffed soles pair?! this is amazing.
  3. Soo.. where does everyone where their CL to? I recently purchased my first pair, and besides weddings, nice dinners, and nights out on the town, I'm just not sure where is considered "appropriate" and not over the top to put these babies on? I'm a mom to a 15MO so daily is far from practical, but I was just curious as to how you ladies wear it to make it worth it.
  4. So far I've worn mine to nights out/nice dinners, but since I have 85mm height, they are appropriate to wear to the office as well.
  5. I wear mine out shopping mostly, and casino dates with hubby. These are the only places I go :lol:

  6. Thank you SO much for this informative post! I would have never thought to do that, and I actually prefer the look of that over the vibram soles! I will be doing this to a few of my pairs :hugs:
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  7. Hello all,i recently purchased a pair of shoes from a boutique over the phone and the shoes was too big so i send it back to them. And today they send it back to me saying the shoes was not in a brand new condition. And before they do that no one even contacted me. So it on the way back to me right now. What should i do now? The shoes was never worn and brand new when i returned them.
  8. I was watching a Sophie Shohet video today when she pulled out a pair of these and I am IN LOVE with them. They're like a Belle but with a slightly thicker heel that makes them look more casual, a bit more edgy. Unfortunately they appear to be very uncommon... can anyone suggest me a similar alternative, CL or otherwise?
  9. Has anyone seen these in person, I saw them on the CL website, right now they are on pre-order. I am in love and want a pair so badly. Mayapump 100mm
    CL Aztec Pump.jpg Maya Pump 2.jpg Maya Pump 3.jpg
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  10. I just got these in black/gold: http://us.christianlouboutin.com/us_en/shop/women/disco-70s.html I don't know why they called them "disco" instead of "mermaid" because these are like those mermaid pillows where you can draw pictures in the sequins. Sooooo in love with them! All the pictures online of them are terrible IMO
  11. Hi everyone! I'm thinking about getting the Pigalle 120 in black patent because I cannot walk in the So Kates (already own in black patent). Having a hard time justifying spending $$$ on such a similar shoe - any one own both in the same color? Are they different enough?
  12. They would be worth it if you could walk in them...they might be better for you; you won't know unless you try!
  13. That’s true! I tried them both at my local boutique to compare side by side and the pigalle 120 felt more secure. However the carpet is SO thick in the store that it’s hard to get a realistic feel for the shoes :-/
  14. Have not seen any activity on this thread in a while, don't know where else to post this type of conversation, will do so here in the hopes of getting it going.

    Have you all seen the latest collection? OMG, there are so many gorgeous shoes and booties I WANT. Here are two that I am dying to get a hold of. Has anyone tried them on, any feedback? I am worried about the PVC rubbing or squeaking, then again I doubt these shoes will get much wear.
    BGX44TS_au.jpg BGX44TS_mu.jpg
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  15. And these booties are to die for!
    BGX47Y5_au.jpg BGX47Y5_bu.jpg BGX47Y5_mu.jpg
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