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  1. I know many do it, but I don't think heels on escalators is a wise idea.
  2. Kalieda: I've used the grocery store for practice with new heel heights also. As you said the cart helps, but also you can cut the trip short if things are not working out easier then if you go to a mall.
  3. Where is a good website to sell used Louboutins? I am not very good at product photography so I am looking for something like yoogi's closet that will give me a quote up front and then I mail them and they deal with photos and selling.

    And this happened because I was so nervous about how to size my first pair of Pigalles that I bought 2 different sizes and wore them both around the house for a few weeks to see how much they stretched during break-in. Now I am ready to sell the larger one from that experiment. in the beginning I really thought that the larger one would be the winner...it wasn't.
  4. I've sold on Yoogis but there's a higher profit margin selling on eBay. You don't need to be the best photographer - just have bright, preferably natural daylight and clear, focused pics.
  5. Yoogis offered me $300 for Pigalle 120s that were worn indoors only until I figured out they were too big for me... is that pretty close to how an ebay auction would end or is the difference big enough that I should switch to ebay? I am not sure how to price them at all since it was my first pair of Louboutins
  6. Depends on size, color, material, availability, condition, overall market - check out sold listings for similar items to see what the going rate is. Even that's not always an accurate predictor of what yours could sell for.
  7. I think I'm going to stick with yoogi's even if I could get more from selling them myself...the thought of not needing to take pictures and write descriptions and answer questions etc is just too tempting :biggrin:
  8. I love the idea of using graffer's tape to protect the red bottoms. It works great and inexpensive. The color is very closed and not noticeable on.

    With tape on after 4/5 wears

    After removing the tape
  9. I threw in the towel. This pair of Mad Martas and I were not meant to be. VC wouldn't budge on not shipping to the US and I couldn't find an address to ship to in the UK so I'm getting a refund instead. I'm hoping this was just some higher power telling me that buying them in my TTS was a bad idea and that I should be patient and wait for a pair of 36s to surface. Ugh so close!! I'm going to go back to lurking on this site only and a mini shoe ban. Thank you all for your advice and suggestions!
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  10. Wow awesome trick Thanks for sharing, I will have to get some!

    On another note, total buyer's remorse: On Friday I ordered from Saks a pair of CL peep-toes at full price. OF COURSE today I see another pair in my size on TheRealReal. They are half the price. My Saks shoes haven't shipped, should I cancel my order and buy TRR ones instead? Wanting to wear them to a wedding this Saturday. :confused1:
  11. CL doesn't hold up the value much so if you find it cheaper than full price and is new should go for it.
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  12. That is the truth!!!! Thanks for3v3rz, the new ones arrive tomorrow and I am considering returning them.
  13. Hello everyone, Im new here and looking to buy my first pair of CL's.. I live in an area where the majority of these retail stores on this site that are recommended to buy from are no where near me. I do have an overstock.com cc and noticed today they have many different styles of CL's on there on sale. I was warned never to buy a designer handbag from that site due to some authenticity issues in the past, and I am wondering if i should steer clear of buying this shoes from them as well?
  14. Thank you for this! I will definitely have to try that!
  15. I bought the gaffer's tape and applied it. Looks perfect and now my Yootish ombre peep-toes are ready to be worn! ALSO hoping some nude CLs will be on sale soon at Neiman Marcus... I can't wait until my next pair of gorgeous Louboutins!!! :heart: :flowers: