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  1. Agree with Ayala!
    P, the AB crystals make the Letters abit too pinkish/orangy and would look nicer with the silver ;)
    All these gorgeous strassing projects are making me want to start a pair noooow!! But need to wait for a pair of shoes first :p
  2. ^Hi! :smile: The wood is really easy to strass IMO... I strassed my black patent decolzeps sometime back (both the heel and the platform). :flowers:
  3. AUTHENTIC I LOVE THEM!!!! What a great idea! I love the gold strass!!!!!
  4. authentic, they look great so far. What an outstanding idea!
    popsicool-my ciprias have arrived at their destination, and I they will be crystal fabulous soon. I will post pictures when they are done. I know my angel will be fast at work!!!
  5. Authentic, 'love' what you did to your love flats. I think it's a beautiful idea and I might have to try it myself. Can't wait to see the finished product!

    rdgldy, I'm sure yours will be gorgeous, and I bet you get them back quickly! ;)
  6. :hugs:
  7. Looking forward to see how they come out!
  8. Oh, tPF DIY ladies:hugs:.....ya'll are the best!(hehehe, I guess I am now a tPF DIY lady too!) Thanks for all the sweet comments! Just uploading photos and watermarking, be back soon;)
  9. authenticplease Gorgeous!! Very creative! Looking forward to more pics!

    I'm almost done with my gold flats!! I haven't had much time to do them but had the day off yesterday.. so made good progress on them! I ran out of 12ss! And they should get here by this wkend!

    Ladies.. would red crystals look odd on a black background??
  10. Sorry for the blurry camera does not like the mass of sparkly crystals!!


  11. Modeling pics:p


    And snuggled into their new home......

  12. they look wonderful from what I can see! are you happy with them?

  13. authentic, they look great! also are those the fab vintage t-straps that were on the bay a bit ago? they look so cool!
  14. They look fantastic!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.