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  1. Quick question... Where do you ladies get the syringe for the glue? I'm going to switch to E6000 to strass my tiffany blue wedding shoes, and I've heard using a syringe is best for E6000. TIA!
  2. eBay or crystal rhinestone boutique u can use a toothpick as well.
  3. 1 Silk is matching with nude the best. But you can also look into light peach.

    2 2058 is newer than 2028. More pointy. Both are fine. I'd get the same for all sizes

    3 you will need some 20ss as well. 2 gr maybe. I'd get more 12ss also. Depending on your size. 20 gr 5ss is a lot.
  4. With regards to the crystal tool, I have something very similar but much cheaper, its a nail pencil thing. I got two of them on ebay for £1, They are called rhinestone picker pencils, Nail techs often use them if they are glueing rhinestones to nails. I used them to strass my bag and shoes and it worked extremely well
  5. wonderful ... I also love the lace on your dress :smile:
  6. I like to use a toothpick (a very small wooden stick) and wrap same king of rubber-gum around it, creating a pointy stick tool. This special rubber is used by pencil drawing artists - you will probably get it at art supply and is cheap. :smile:
  7. This is my first CL DIY!!

    I bought a pair of Decolette Patent Pumps in a colour called 'camel jazz,' which turned out to be a really horrible colour on me (and frankly, most people I know!). The colour was unwearable but the shoe was exceptionally comfortable, so they wound up sitting around unworn for quite awhile. Finally, a few weeks ago, I decided to unleash my ballsy artist and attacked them with some red and black Sharpies. I know, total sacrilege, but these are now my absolute favourite shoes, so it all worked out!
    CLAbstractDIY2.jpg CLAbstractDIY5.jpg CLAbstractDIY12.jpg
  8. OMG I thought you were showing before pics they looked so professionally done!! I love it, extremely creative. I think it's a hit :biggrin:
  9. These are so beautiful ! Did you apply a coating of something to make sure the sharpie doesn't fade or anything?
  10. fabulous work! I think they're beautiful now.
  11. Those are SO cool! You did an awesome job, and they are one of a kind!
  12. wow!!! What an amazing transformation! I can't believe you did that with just sharpies. Great job!
  13. I saw the before pic and instantly thought: OMG, don't strass over those.. they are fantastic!

    Fantastic job indeed!
  14. Congrats on the wedding! Your shoes look amazing!!

    Love your work!!! You've transformed the clutch into something completely different!

    Stunning! Volcano is the perfect match for those Armadillo Brides and I feel exactly the same way about the gold tips! I did a pair of Lady Claudes in volcano and gold leafed the tips for this very reason :smile:
  15. I do this too with blutac :smile:
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