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  1. What a great work - with only three sizes - the gold adds something special. To me this shoe looks really grown up, timeless elegant. Thank you
  2. Really great choice! Looking forward to progress photos.
  3. Did you really peel off the hotfix-glue? I glue it right that way ... help :amazed:
  4. Wow! This looks way better than the ring strass VPs sold by Louboutin. :woohoo:
  5. no no no, I didn't remove the hotfix glue :p

  6. These are beautiful! Great job!!!

  7. thank youuu! :biggrin:
  8. so funny!! the meridian blue is definitely worth it! it's a stunner!
  9. That's amazing! Definitely better than CL ring strass!

    Gorgeous! Please post pics when you're done, I would love to see how the crystals look with the base colour :smile:
  10. What color did these start as?
  11. Thanks! I packed on the rhinestones lol

    Gold, I painted the base silvery/white though so it'd match the CL version
  12. Hello everyone!

    I won a brand new Bridget, and when the seller was about to ship em out, he found out his dog had destroyed em chewing the heck outta em. Ugh!
    He is sending them out to the cobbler and is going to relist again on the Bay. (dunno how realistic that is)

    Is there any way to strass the pony hair in the heel area as well as the platform bit? Im assuming even if the cobbler were able to fix them as much as possible, the damage would be very noticeable so thought when/if I buy them, the only solution to make them somewhat nice is by strassing them.

    Would you kindly give me some pointers as to how I can strass pony hair please?

    Also do you think strassing would be a good way and in what color crystals?

    Thank you so much!!!
  13. Does anyone know what stone Louboutin uses on his new nude strass?
  14. I just had a look here ... but haven´t found them. I remember seeing a pair of nude strassed pumps at theresa in munich which were strassed with ringstrass in crystal clear. Did you mean those? A picture would help, too? so far I am not a big help at all, but you at least know now that there will be an answer by others soon :smile:
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    I am not a friend of yellow and even don´t fall for gold ... so what a surprise I totally fell head over heels for "Jonquil" ... but not at first, the more I strassed the more I loved it.

    This Box-Clutch is 6x3x2 inch and was black in the beginning. I painted it champagne (6 coats!) and strassed it with Preciosa "Jonquil" using ss16,12,10,8 ... as I was able to get on sale. I wasn´t so happy that the 12 and the 8 came out pale but couldn´t help and strassed it anyway. The result is really nice and I totally love this box-clutch. ... But I still haven´t had time to make nice pictures, so my DH just made some shots to let you see :biggrin:
    webIMG_2119.jpg webIMG_2122.jpg webIMG_2127.jpg
Thread Status:
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