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  1. I do love the 2028 cut but in my country they are sold out in Crystal AB - the 2058 cut really seams to be to pointy and I can´t imagine to touch my shoes - they will not feel good in my hands ... after all - so sad.

    I ordered some Preciosa Crystals in Crystal AB - but they have a big platform on top - so I don´t like those at all. They might be nice on a clutch - but not for a shoe IMO.
  2. Thank you!!!
  3. Here ya go. They were pale pink suede with a ribbon trim. The suede was just TOO dirty to salvage. I was buying paint for my CL project and though, hmm, glitter paint, it's $3, these shoes are already trashed, why not?

    I haven't worn then yet, but I do like them! The bows were $4 (for both) at Hobby Lobby.

    I like the paint. I think I did 6 or 7 coats? And the glitter doesn't flake off. I have several pairs of glitter Miu Miu, and the glitter flakes off. :sad:
  4. I love how that looks!! Thanks for sharing. What kind/brand of glitter paint was it?
  5. Wow, love your work. Crystal ab looks stunning. What color base did you choose? And I recorgnized, that you paintet the edges of the sole in silver? What brand of color did you use to create that look. - If I embellish my CL with Crystal Ab I will need to do that too, bc mine are black right now, which isn´t nice with the a light color. But I´m so sared to paint something that would not be crystalled afterwards. I don´t want it to look sloppy or chip of short after wearing them.

    Question on Crystal AB - on my color chart - the single crystal ab stone looks golden-orange-pinikish. The orange disturbs me, will it vanish when used a lot of stones?
  6. Martha Stewart. I was at Michaels.

    No one where I live sells Lumeire. Sooo, as I am impatient, I bought what they had. So far no issues. I've painted several pairs now, even shoes I'm not strassing.
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    Hi Ladies - you all did so wonderful jobs on your shoes, that made me strong enough to try myself. So my brown CL´s were painted today with about 8 coats - and I was so scared during paintig bc coat 1 = awful .... coat 4 = it might go into the right direction .... coat 8 = quiet nice, really seams to work !

    But than I made a mistake and tried to paint the edges of my soles (which were black - freshly made by my clobber ...). What I did´t know was, that HIS color was going to come off with mine putting on :sad:
    I nearly paniced - then I tried to put mine down, which did not work - so I had to go to all 8 coatings again ... with the result, that it still doesn´t look good - and by all those coatings and moisture - my sole underneath seemed to be lift off a little at the edges ... but - this hopefully will not be seen after strassing.

    so - pic 1 with the black edges - and pic 2 my final result for today!

    And I DO HAVE A QUESTION ... I would like to use Gemtac ... will this be possible on the painted shoe? Thanks to all of you!
    webIMG_0086.jpg webIMG_0095.jpg
  8. They look great!!! The gold looks so rosy!!! Wow 8 coats! I'll be panicking the whole day :smile: which paint you used? And what kind of material was the original?
  9. Thank you so much!

    If you go back 1 or 2 pages - you may see the original dark brown suede pumps.

    I did use an acrylic color which is called metallic champagne. I bought it in germany, but it is produced in the USA - so I truely believe it must be luminier ... don´t now the brandname ... like.

    But still, do you know if I can use Gemtac above it?
  10. Hi! I think Gemtac would work fine, I've used it on wooden feels and platforms that I painted black and was not a problem whatsoever as it dries clear and is super strong. Good luck!
  11. O.K. - Thank you - this really calms my nerves!
  12. I think Gem-Tac will work. I havent started my project on suede strassing yet but I have asked a lot of lovely tPFers here and they confirmed that Lumiere paint + GemTac is way to go for suede ;)
  13. Thank you - that would mean I´m doing o.k. so far! But I´m still nervous ...
    I got an incredible bargain today of Preciosa Crystals in Crystal AB - 10 Gross (1440 pieces) for 8,05 USDollar inkl. Tax - no shipping (but as the price is telling, there is a problem .... all crystals are in ss10)

    But - HEY, I will give it a try ...:cool: (but I´m so nervous) :biggrin:
  14. Haha. Congrats! So I guess you are doing Crystal AB? I am taking forever to decide the color for my camel patent Elisa.. I dont think I am going to paint them first so that leaves me with less crystal colors but still taking forever!!! I really adore volcano tho. Anyways I will upload pictures soon and ask for people's opinions :biggrin:

    Good luck on your project and keep us posted!!
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    YES, I know how you feel ... I was thinking about which color to strass since Oktober 2011 - during that days I even haven´t had a Louboutin :smile: .... And last week I was still between Meridian Blue and Crystal AB ... I know it´s quiet the opposite, but both colors seemed to be incredible to me. Meridian Blue has such nice pinkish tones combined with a wonderful blue ... but Crystal AB will make my shoes a "Cinderella Shoe". Well, at the end - the bargain came right in time and I bought so much crystals, that I will do a boxclutch as well :smile:

    Volcano is really beautiful ... and will look great on camel. What does the Elisa look like, have you got a picture to show?? I think you will use E6000 on the patent, right? Have you used the glue before?
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