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  1. I really like the way they turned out. I think that silver looks great with the black...keep them the way they are.
  2. Thanks DariaD & Frick&Frack....I'm really torn over these shoes and it's been stressing me out. I just don't know if I would wear these as is and I was not happy with the outcome as it wasn't what I had envisioned.

    The pics attached are what I had in mind. Those heels and toe tips look like a dark silver/pewter to me. I think mine are too light. I also have no idea how to go about making something that looks like these. Would you consider these a gray maybe? Any idea on how to recreate this color?

    I'm so flustered and am ready to just sell the darn things even though it's one of my favorite styles unless I can figure it out. I know we must have some paint mixologists here :p
    DSCN0536.JPG SHOES302.jpg
  3. Hi - I am looking forward for a pair YoYo Sling-Pumps in black BUT I would like to paint the shoe in some champagne-metallic look like or silver - something lighter. And here is the problem. Will the light color really cover the black - it´s an acrylic base - and on the other hand I´m so scared to paint all the black parts at the shoe, where the toes and the heel and at the counter of the inner linings are.

    Or should I leave the toe, an heel and inner sole as it is and only cover the body of the YoYo´s ...

    I would definitely love to use crystal ab or silk (ab). Could it look good with black parts?

    So greatful for your advice.
  4. I think you did an amazing job! :tup: I would leave it as is -- it looks great! The darker would have looked nice too (more subtle) but I actually really like the contrast of the silver with the black suede! In terms of color mixing, I'm no expert but I would think that you would just add black dye in until you get the right shade and then do a test to make sure it's right. But leave it as is -- it's beautiful~!
  5. Looks great! May I ask what the original
    Suede color was and what you used to dye to black? Thx :smile:
  6. Thanks! I may try to mix either black or gray and see what happen. I just think I would be more happy with a more subtle contrast.

    Thanks! The original suede was a dark brown and the heels and toes tip were gold.
  7. This thread is so inspiring! Wow, awesome job guys!!! :woohoo:
  8. Want to do a strass project, but I can't find Lumiere paint, and I really need to be able to see the paints IRL before purchase. What should I do, and is there an equivalent for the paint? also, what are the best glues to use?
  9. Joann fabrics has it.

  10. I actually really like this colour! :biggrin:
  11. Ugh!! I just passed them on my way home! I wish I would have read this before I came home! Thanks, I will check with them. Chances are that no one here has it, since t's a VERY small city. Wish me luck! :biggrin: Thank you again, PeepToe!
  12. Hello Ladies!
    I bought my very first DIY shoes, YAY! Patent black bananas. Im wanting to strass them in Volcano, but since Im a newbie, I have lots of questions! First off, should I dye them? I was thinking a deep purple, fuschia, magenta, or gold..? Second, do I need to sand them if I do dye them? I've been reading up on this thread (Still not done) but what size crystals are usually used? I plan on putting them close together and tight. I've seen everyone uses different sizes, but I was thinking 5, 7, 9, 12, and 16..? How many should I order and where are some good places to purchase other than eBay? I'm very excited to get started! Just want to dye them (if necessary) before taking them in for Vibrams before I get started!. TIA and have a wonderful Sunday!! :kiss:
  13. Does anyone know what the best glue for glitter is?
  14. I used Gem-Tac for my glittered delcoltissimos.
  15. Hi everyone,

    today I received all my stuff from dreamtime... and while I´m so glad to have those syringes, I bought the wrong yellow tip - it is to small, which would have been the right one? There are green, purple and pink?

    And by the way - that sticky pickup thing is not so nice, is it? Picks the Crystals really nice, but doesn´t let go :shame:
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