The new Chloe Georgia mini bag

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  1. Hi ladies! So I ended up buying this bag I am in love!! 😍 I thought I would share my thoughts on this bag with some of the questions I had in mind in case any of you are considering this purchase. The bag is calf skin at the back and very durable. The leather at the front is lamb and so lovely but very delicate! Reminds me of my chanel lambskin. Got this from net a porter in perfect condition but at my local David Jones Bondi where they also stock this there were so many scratches on the poor bag from customers picking up and touching the bag so you really need to take care of this beauty 😕 it does hold all my essentials so am happy with that! It fits my LV mini pochette (money and lipstick inside), tissues, mints, chanel travel perfume, EOS lip balm and a packet of smokes! I know dirty habit but the reality is there are smokers out there and I never see a packet of smokes in a WIMB so I thought I would show that it does fit! 😁 Oh there is also a small front flap which fits my Note 4 comfortably (in the pic is my SG4 as I used my Note 4 to take the pic!) Hope this is helpful to any of you considering this! 😊

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  2. Gorgeous, love the color you picked too! I love the Georgia bag, but it definitely needs to be used with care, scratches are inevitable.
  3. Thank you this is the chestnut cream I love it goes with everything! Have only had it a few weeks so far so good. I guess any scratches I get it will have its story and add to the bags charm 😊
  4. I just picked up a mini Georgia in green from Matches! :biggrin:

    I love it, though it calls for me getting a card holder because it's a tad small. I can just about squeeze in my spare glasses that I throw in handbags for emergencies, car and house keys and alarm fob, long DKNY wallet, iPhone 6s Plus and a lipstick. If I were to purchase a card holder, then I would have a tonne more space for sunglasses and a compact. It's the perfect bag for casual days when you still want to look put together, or maybe for travel. I'm going road/air? test it when I fly to Paris early next month!

    I originally purchased the small blue from Monnier Freres because they have a 10% off coupon code for first-time buyers. But it didn't even come in its dust bag and there were scratches everywhere, so I sent it back. I think this was a sign because I DESPERATELY wanted the green but didn't want the smaller size.

    I still do prefer the size of the small, so I might purchase it in Tan!

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  5. Lovely bag and color. I ordered the black small from Nordstrom during a 10X points day. I can't wait to get mine. On today's PurseBlog Celebrity Style, Reese Witherspoon is wearing the black small Georgia. It looks great on her so I hope it will also look good on me; she and I are about the same height. I'm one who likes a crossbody bag to hang low on the hips.
  6. I love the small black, but I have enough black handbags and I don't wear much colour in terms of clothing. I like to diversify the colours I wear with makeup and and handbags!

    I'm 5'8" with quite a broad frame and actually the mini doesn't look bad on me—I was worried it was going to look TINY. The strap is a bit short for me as I have a super long torso (and unfortunately very short legs) but it's nothing I can't work with. I'm gonna pick up a small next year for sure, just need to decide what colour!
  7. It looks beautiful, and fits more than I expected! Congrats on such a beautiful bag :biggrin:
  8. i just got a pre-owned mini black georgia today for 450euros in paris. it is pretty new even there are few scratches on the bag. But i know this bag is very easy to get scratches as my friend got a new one and the same day she bought the bag and used it for 3 hours there are marks on the bag. so i guess this pre-owned one is kinda new also. the size fits me perfectly as i am very petit, only 156cm. but the bag itself is not that roomy, it only fits my long wallet, electronic cigaret, my extra battery, and eye drops. will be very hard to put a sunglasses in this case. and right now it's kinda hard to close the bag. but the best part is it is a long shap so it can fit my long wallet thats the most important thing for me as most of the small handbag can't fit. they all have the round shape like drew or hudson. overall i love this bag for its extremely soft leather and the simple design. looks like a round celine box indeed. but the price is much much cheaper!!!! i have no idea how much a celine box will cost. probably around 1800 euro something.
  9. The leather on this bag is unbelievably soft!!!! I saw/touched it in person at Saks <le sigh>
  10. Hey All! I'm interested in the georgia mini in yellow (called curry yellow on the chloe website). Its only been on ssense and is now sold out :sad:
    Anyone know or have seen this in store anywhere? Thanks!
  11. I've seen the Mini Georgia in Curry Yellow Python and it's at The Python color varies a lot from bag to bag though, that's what's kept me from ordering it....Some are gorgeous are some are really dark but the Mini Georgia is cute and a nice cross body bag at a good price!
  12. What can one fit in this purse?
  13. I'm confused with small size n mini size
  14. This color is unique and so pretty!
    How do you like it? I am debating between mini Georgia and Chanel Woc.. I know, they are not even the same size... ha
  15. hi Everyone,
    i'm thinking now between Chloe Georgia mini in navy blue and Chloe Marcie mini in navy or grey.i'm not sure if the grey one won't be dirty after few days :/
    can't decide and need to order any of them today :/
    would enyone could help me with this TOUGH decision?
    thanks in advance