The New Chanel Luxury Camera Bowler in Kakhi/ Bronze Pics!


Do you like this bag and color?

  1. Yes, I love the color and this bag!

  2. No, hate the color and this bag!

  3. I love the color, but not the bag!

  4. I love the bag, but hate the color, I prefer... state other color.

  5. I am dreaming of another bag... and or don't care!

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  1. Sorry I mis-typed Khaki... :smile:

    Chanel 1.jpg

    Chanel 4.jpg

    chanel 2.jpg

    Chanel 10.jpg

    Chanel 5.jpg

    Chanel 6.jpg

    Chanel 11.jpg

    I thought I would share some pics of this bag for those that have not seen it yet. I have my own opinions, but without tipping the scales, what do you all think?
  2. i prefer white.. or what was it antique white.. w/e
  3. I can't vote because my option isn't there! :biggrin: I love the bag, like the color (don't love it but definitely think it is pretty) but would not buy it because it isn't "me".
  4. I saw this one IRL. It's so gorgeous. I like the bowler style but i the one that i really want is flap bag in this color. If i didn't just buy Muse,i would get that one for sure.
  5. Love it. I cannot wait to see it in person. If you don't mind, how much is it retailing for?
  6. I saw it IRL and it was gorgeous - however i'm not so much a brown person, but am dreaming about this bag and waiting to see the zipper tote in that color.
  7. Love it. It is bronze which makes me happy:yahoo: . When I saw it in the look book they told me it was going to be metallic brown, but now I see it's definitely bronze. :tender:
  8. I love the bag and the color but my daughter does not like the color, OMG. She has the large gold bowler and loves the color. Will it be all of the bags from the spring/ summer collection but in fall colors? WE would love the shopping or the flap in a new color. KEEP US POSTED.
  9. Love it. It's a very pretty color and the bowler is a great style in the Luxe line.
  10. Like the bag and color. (I tend toward neutral colors...this color seems pretty netural...)
  11. I love the detail of this bag.but I cant put it over my shoulder, so it is just a handheld bag for me which talked to me out of this. But it is a beautiful bag!
  12. Am I to assume that there will be a flap in this color. I just called the Chanel I use in Paris. MY usual SA is on holiday ,the other person I just love is with a customer, and the person I spoke with knew nothing, nothing.Of course, she knew but prehaps she was not in the mood for talking, oh well. If anyone has actually seen this on a flap or know that it will come this way just let me know. If I get any worthwhile info I will post.
  13. Loves it:love: Its gorgeous!
  14. LOVE it, will go with everything, neutral!!!!!!!!!
  15. I love this bag but more in the metallic black
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