the new chain

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  1. does anyone know if they are going to continue making bags with the new chain--like for years to come? i was just wondering if purses with the new chain are considered something classic, something that we can use even years from now. or is the new chain more of like a fashion that is "in" only now? i hope i wasnt confusing!! thanks!
  2. anyone?
    okay well thanks anyway i guess
  3. Truly I have no idea I wish they'll become classic I'll ask my SA next time I visit the C boutique though!:smile:
  4. im sorry, forchanel but i really have no idea :sad: i hope u get a definite answer soon!
  5. Who really knows for sure but if I had to guess, I would say no. Nothing will be as classic as the regular leather interwoven chain. The new chain is just something that came out now. Maybe Chanel is trying it out to see if it sells well and if it does, they will continue it. I definitely think they should make it in gold though too!!!
  6. I'd love to see a gold new chain too!:yes:
  7. i am a big fan of the new chain, i am also hoping that they will continue it.
  8. oooh a gold chain would be cool..or even a gunmetal color one...

    altho i do seem to like the interwoven ones more--the all metal bijoux chains seem to dig into my skin more and my hair likes to get caught in it :confused1:
  9. I hope they keep the new bijoux chain. It gives such a beautiful, modern twist to the classic flaps. It would be cool to see it in other colors and finishes.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  10. I love the new chain too. To me if it is discontinued that will only make it more special. I see a lot of vintage bags I love and don't consider them out of date, just more unique. But I think the chain with the intertwined leather will always be around as a classic.
  11. The bijoux chain in ruthenium would be amazing...
  12. I personally love love love the new bijoux chain. It's really comfy on the shoulder and hip too. I have two different finish, the silver one on a black caviar jumbo, and the other one is the darker version (not sure what it's called) on my distressed dark grey jumbo caviar (aka courtney cox bag). I love them both.