The "new" chain, please clarify

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  1. Do we know if this is a replacement or just an alternate on the classic bags????
  2. its just for that collection..I beleive...I have it on my jumbo and I love it.Alot of peeps prefer the old chain too though
  3. I was told it's just something new; it may be added to the line for good, but it will NOT replace the old chain.
  4. I was told it was a limited edition.
  5. I love the new chain...I m quite sure it's just an alternate
  6. I prefer the classic chain. It hangs over the bag and doesn't fall on the bag, which can ruin your lambskin bags and make an imprint on them
  7. I prefer the new chain. IMO it modernizes the bag.
  8. I know the question wasn't to vote for old or new BUT I prefer the old. It doesn't overpower the look of the actual bag, imo.

    To the question, apparently it's just an alternative chain, for now anyway.
  9. Def not replacement..I think chanel will lose a lot of customers and also go against its roots as a brand....def not something even a mildy sane person would decide on...must say never liked the new chain
  10. i prefer the old chain...
  11. I think the new chain gives the bags a new edge that attract a younger generation to discover Chanel. The new chain can however never replace the old one, but it does make a good complement.
  12. I like the change but prefer the classic if I HAD to pick one.
  13. i love my new chain - it's such a pretty chain in silver and i don't feel as dressed up as i do with my classic chain bag.
  14. i prefer the old BUT saw the black caviar jumbo with the new, at NM, and it is absolutely gorgeous...perfect blend of traditional and edgy..............i loved it
  15. Could someone post comparison photos? I don't know the difference. I only own one Chanel. I'm sure it would be appreciated by many.