The New Casden Bag Featured in Sept Bazaar

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  1. Here's the new Casden bag found in page 156 of the latest September Bazaar.

    Oops, didn't realize that there are already several threads about this bag. Please feel free to delete this thread.
  2. I'm not sure if I like it. I hadn't seen it from the front until now, I had only seen pics taken from the side, and now I don't know if I like the two pockets. It's a shoulder bag and I suppose I should see it worn on the shoulder to have a decent opinion about how I feel this style.

    That said there's something in it that reminds me of the constance, in my mind it's somehow in the same mood, even if it's larger and more sporty. Doesn't anybody else have this feeling?
  3. I think the bag is too busy with the lock and two big pockets. Honestly this doesn't resemble the Constance to me- Constance is more of a square shape and the design is simpler. But they are both shoulder bags.
  4. The pockets kinda remind me of Marc Jacobs styles. And what is this with Hermes giving Susan Casden the veto power of consent -- do they think they will be hasseled less about making it??

    Oh and DC thanks for the picture.
  5. ^^^ dc120 Yes, they I fell there is something similar because they both look like the boxy but rounded shoulder bags that women used to wear in the 60s and 70s, these are supposedly out of fashion at the moment, but they have been out for such a long time and they are so different from what we have been wearing during the last years that I sometimes have like the feeling that they might be the new hot thing in a while.
    Just look at what happened to the clutches. It's a bit of the 20 years rule if you know what I mean.
  6. Frankly I'm surprised that they call this a modified Birkin- if anything, the shape looks more like a Kelly to me.

    Trama Turgo, I agree that structured shoulder bags are coming back, which is a relief after all these hobos I had to endure. lol.
  7. I am NOT feeling this bag at all and possibly because I just don't care for those two pockets on the front.

    This gets a :tdown: from me......
  8. not into it yet. but who knows..everything from hermes grows on me.
  9. I have no idea who this lady is, but this is another H bag that won't be going on my list any time soon!:tdown:
  10. Don't like it at all, looks like a school bag, too boring. I had a school bag like that in europe, cost about $20. and I did not need anyones permission to buy it!, The whole "consent" thing is obnoxious. Either the bag is for sale or not! Sorry, that is just how I feel.
  11. I actually dislike it. Looks a bit, erm, cheap?
  12. not on my list either.....
  13. You rock, A........:yes:

    Actually, I think there should be a new bag called the "D_ _ _ _' (ahem, ahem)......and it WOULD'NT look anything like a schoolbag or a gymbag OR the Himalaya!!!! LOL!!!!
  14. Finally.... a H bag that I don't drool over. No sleepless nights over this one...
  15. ...I'm sure you'd come up with something MUCH better than this, D! Actually, I'd put my name down for it before even seeing it!!:yes: